Ferris Tinkie Takes a Bath

Story of the ten year old Ferris Tinkie. A boy living on a town dump. New chapters every week.


2. Narrow Escape


Ferris Tinkie rolled down the hill from the dump on his new wash tub trolley. He felt exhilarated with the wind in his face as he hurtled down towards the town. The sound in his ears was so loud that he didn’t hear the warning horn of the freight train on the road crossing. He saw the train at the last moment. With panic in his eyes and heart in his mouth he tugged at the steering rope just in time to swerve out of the path of the massive diesel locomotive. The trolley rolled alongside the train for a few yards before colliding with a tree stump and collapsing in a mangled mess.

Ferris lay there stunned for a couple of minutes as the train went by in a haze of diesel fumes, the large wheels clunking over the rail joints. As the rumble of the train subsided, Ferris examined his trolley. The wheels were buckled and the wooden steering bar had snapped clean on two. The wash tub looked just the same as before so he still had a bath to take! He looked a peculiar sight on his climb back up to the dump, the tub over his back like some kind of tin turtle inviting friendly honks from passing cars.

As Ferris approached the dump, a tall thin man came close by and said, “You are Ferris Tinkie and you offend my olfactory!” Ferris replied; “I’m sorry sir, but I ain’t been anywhere near your ol’ factory. I just been for a crash down by the railroad there with my little old trolley!”

When the town kids came out of school they laughed when Ferris asked them where he should take the bath. One of the kids, called Badger by his chums, suggested Ferris Tinkie ought to take a bath in the lake. Ferris thought about this and thanked Badger; “Why thank you Badger,” he said; “I’ll take the bath in the lake tomorrow.” The kids chuckled all the way home.

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