Pretty Little Directioner - One Direction version

Jordan, Johanna, Rebecca and Olivia are in trouble! They have been getting all these weird texts from this bit*h called -D. They think its a Directioner hating on them but one letter can hold a thousand thoughts. There all dating a member from One Direction so thats why they think its a Directioner but could it be someone closer to them? Read to find out


2. That one night that changed everything. 2/7

*Jordan starts a three way chat with all the girls*

Jordan- so girls I was checking if we were still on for tonight?
Johanna- yep I will bring the pizza
Ashleigh- I will bring the tim tams
Rebecca- I will bring the lemonade
Olivia- I guess I will bring the lollies!
Jordan- cool meet you guys soon and the boys are bring some horror movies
Olivia- cool I have to go now guys see you tonight !

*everybody says bye*

*2 hours later*

*ding dong*

Jordan- hey guys come inside!

*Louis kisses Jordan on the cheek*

*everybody comes inside and makes themselves comfortable on the lounge and bean bags ready for a movie night*

*Ashleigh gets a text before we start watching the movie *

Ashleigh- I gonna go get the food
Zayn- do you need any help babe?
Ashleigh- no im good

*Ashleigh pretends to go to the kitchen but really she goes outside the back door*

Ashleigh- where da f*ck are you and who are you and what do you want?
Mystery person in bushes- .............
Ashleigh- show yourself or its gonna get ugly!
Mystery guy- ...........
Ashleigh- I'm warning you!

*mystery guy hits Ashleigh over the head out of no where*

*there is a loud bang everybody comes rushing outside*

Olivia- Holy s*it Ashleigh!!
Zany- Ashleigh!!!

*everybody is in shock, zayn picks up Ashleigh and takes her to the hospital in his car the rest go in their cars*

*the next morning*

*they are all still in the hospital waiting for Ashleigh to wake up*

*everybody is sleeping*

Ashleigh- what's going on?
Zayn- babe your awake! *kisses her on the head*
Ashleigh- *pushes zayn away* who da f*ck are you ..
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