Pretty Little Directioner - One Direction version

Jordan, Johanna, Rebecca and Olivia are in trouble! They have been getting all these weird texts from this bit*h called -D. They think its a Directioner hating on them but one letter can hold a thousand thoughts. There all dating a member from One Direction so thats why they think its a Directioner but could it be someone closer to them? Read to find out


1. That one night that changed everything. 1/7

(*Screams* all the girls come running out of the back room at Rebecca's house)

Johanna- What is that?

Olivia- It's Ashleigh's .......


*One week before*

*At school*

*Jordan stands on a table at lunch to tell the whole school about her birthday party on the weekend*

Jordan- Hey guys so it's my birthday this weekend and you know what that means *the whole school screams*


Jordan- Yep thats right and everybdoy is invited sending out the the invites on facebook tonight see you all there *Jordan sits back down*

Rebecca- Don't you think you going a bit over board with your party thiss year Jordan?

Olivia- Yeah don't you think there will be to many people?

Jordan- Jeez look out for the fun police (my lame attempt at making a joke) come on guys its going to be so much fun!

Johanna- Yeah come on guys were getting more popular every day,  we should at least do something badass.

Ashleigh- Everythings going to be fine just calm down people!

Rebecca & Olivia- Yeah i guess so.

*bell rings for class*

Jordan- bye guys i've got a free period catch up with yous at lunch.

Olivia- Ok see ya

*Everybody waves to Jordan and walks away*

*Jordan races to her car and drives home out the front Louis is waiting for her*

Louis- Hey love *Louis kisses her on the for head*

Jordan- What are you doing here?

Louis- Well scince you parents are out of town for the month i thought we could have some alone time.

Jordan- Louis go home i need to plan my party * she pushes him softly and he leaves*

Louis- I will come around with the boys later?

Jordan-yep i will get the girls to come over.

Louis- See you later love

*Jordan blows him a kiss and he drives away.


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