One question...
Do skeltons have souls.....answer.....NO!!!!!!!!!!!.....YES!!!!!!!!!!


2. Evidence

"Dear James Davison,

I'm your best nightmare that will do anything for you to be dead! I didn't care if I got jail as long as I see you dead! If you want to know Who I am, I'll tell you! I am your BROTHER!  Fake, Rude, Annoying, Nothing awesome, Kill! There's your clue to find me. Hurry! I might curse you instead.

From, ?????" I read aloud.

James doesn't have a brother. This is weird. I'll have to call Frank, mine and James' best friend.

"James is actually dead? OMG!!!!!!!!!!" Frank cried. "I thought you could help find James' killer. He was definitely cursed! You studied fortune telling and you know all about curses so i thought you might help me find out which curse the killer used," I begged. "Of course!" Frank replied straight away.

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