Dead Doll

A young girl found a dirty doll in the garbage bin and took it with her home. She also has a little brother who hates the doll.


3. Photo

The next night, Bella kept the photo of the doll in the place where the doll used to sit with Adam's teddybear.

That night something weird happened. In the room, there was a glowing light.

The next morning, Bella looked at the picture and the shelf. She sreamed till her mum, dad and her brother woke up. Adam's teddybear was teared up into bizillion pieces! And the doll in the picture had moved. It used to sit inbetween Bella's baby doll Sue and Adam's teddy but now Chloe the doll sat in the spot where Adam's teddy used to sit and the teddy wasn't there at all!

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