Dead Doll

A young girl found a dirty doll in the garbage bin and took it with her home. She also has a little brother who hates the doll.


2. My Brother

Bella's mum let her keep the doll as long as she still does her house chores. That night when Bella fell asleep and her little brother was awake, the doll's eyes started glowing brighter and brighter. As soon as her brother saw the creepy eyes of the creepy doll, he started screaming until his throught went dry. His mum and dad didn't hear. Not even her sister who sleeping in the bed right next to him. Strugling to scream louder, Bella's little brother shoke Bella ferousisly, eager to wake her up from her deep sleep. Suddenly Bella woke up with a shock.

"What are you doing Adam!!! You woke me from a good sleep!!!!!" yelled Bella.

Adam cried until his parents came from down stairs. He said that the doll's eye started glowing.

His dad said he would throw the doll in the garbage since Adam can't sleep.

Bella didn't really mind as long as she could take a picture of the doll. So she took a high quality picture of the eye glowing doll.        

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