Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


11. To Dinner We Go!


Bittersweet Love - Part 10
Sarah's POV

I stare at my reflection in the mirror. I had straighten my naturally curly hair, and I had on a blue tank top with brown short shorts. I apply my makeup, and try to drown out Jody's voice. She was trying to get me to hurry, as we were leaving for Liam's house in ten minutes.
  Liam. I had finally met Liam! I had dreamt of meeting the whole band, especially him, since they first came out. And yet I had stupidly made a fool out of myself last night. I blamed it on my ADHD, I sometimes say things without even thinking.
  'Sarah! Hurry up! We're gonna be late!' I hear Jody say. Madison was standing next to her with her arms crossed.
  Jody had been the first one to be ready. She was wearing a black and white T-shirt that hugged her figure, with jeans. She never takes longer than ten minutes to dress. She just 'takes the first shirt and pants I see' and puts them on. For shoes she was just wearing flip flops that had a one inch heel. (I forced her to wear that, she hated heels)
  Madison was wearing a simple dress that only had one sleeve. She looked really pretty. She has straightened her hair as well, and she was wearing a simple slip in shoe that looked quite formal.
  I finish applying my lipgloss and am about to put on my eyeliner when Jody yanked me up from the chair. 'No time for eyeliner!' she said, 'We're gonna be late!' I didn't like being bossed around, even though I knew Jody meant well, so I instinctively punched her arm. I work out pretty often so I guess it must've hurt.
'Ow! What was that for!' she yelled. Her arm was turning slightly red where I punched her. I must have hit her harder than I thought.
I was about to answer when Madison stepped in. She always has to break up all the fights that Jody and I have. If she wasn't there, I swear one of us would be dead. 'Jody, leave her alone,'she said. I smirked at her. Than Madison turned to me. 'Sarah, you have two minutes starting now. Hurry!' I quickly turn my attention back to applying my eyeliner. Soon, I'm done.
'Finally!' Jody sighs. Did I mention she's not get patient?
  We get into the car and drive to pick up our friend that arrived from France l, Juliette. We called her Jules for short. She was just as excited as I am that we were going to eat dinner with One Direction.
  We arrive at the hotel she's staying at and she gets into the car. I give her a big hug. 'Oh. My. Gosh. I've missed you guys so much!' I give her another hug. Madison looks at her through the rear view mirror. 'I would give you a hug but...' Jules laugh. 'You're driving. No problem! But you owe me a hug!' We all laugh. Jody is smiling like always, and you can tell she's clearly delighted that Jules is here. She asks Jules questions about France, and we all chat until we reached One Direction's house.
I knock on the door. Madison has turned quiet again. She's always shy around new people, it takes a while for her to warm up to you. Took Jody and I almost three to four months before she came out of her shell. And believe me, that girl can talk.
  Harry opens the door. 'Hey! We were expecting you guys! I'm almost finished cooking. Come in!' I smile at him and we enter. Their house was amazing. It was really cosy, and relatively big too. Each of the boys could have their own room, but based on the signs on different bedroom doors, Louis and Harry shared a room, while the others slept alone.
  All the boys are seated on the couch in the living room. I wave and say hi to them all.
  Jody pulls Jules in front of them. 'Hey guys! Nice to see you all again. This is our friends Jules, the one from France.' Jules waves around, her eyes wide, like she can't believe she's actually here.
  The eight of us (minus Harry, who is cooking) sit around and get to know each other. Well, more like them getting to know us. I know everything about them, and so do Madison, Jody and Jules, for I tell them everything I know, whether they want to listen or not.
  Soon, Harry's curly head pops out of the kitchen door and says, 'Dinner's ready!'
  Jody immediately stands up and walks over to the kitchen. 'Where are you going?' Zayn asks. She looks at him like he's an idiot. 'To help him, what else would I be doing?' she replies. I laugh. Jody was all about helping other people and being nice. She wouldn't hurt a fly. Literally. She never lets anyone kill a fly because 'it's completely innocent!'.
  Soon I smell the scent of the delicious dinner that Harry prepared for us. My stomach was growling. I walk over to the dining table to see what food there is. I couldn't wait to eat.
  Liam pulls out a chair and gestures for me to sit down. I was a little surprised, for I thought he would still be sore over yesterday. But he smiled at me, and I knew everything that happened yesterday was forgiven.   -------


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