Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


15. No Girl But I Want Her

Bittersweet Love -Part 14
Zayn's POV

The boys and I are playing Mario Kart on our Wii while waiting for Niall to come home. He has a date with that French girl, Jules. I'm really happy for him. I just hope Jules treats him well, because he's so sensitive and fragile. He always gives his girlfriends all his love, and a lot of times they end up breaking his heart. He's very sensitive, so I'm very protective of him.

That's why when he comes in I'm the first one that notices when he steps into the house. I scan his face and try to read him. Looks happy. He must've had a good time.

'How was it?' I ask, grinning. It's obvious he really likes this girl. He looks at me. 'Amazing!' he says breathlessly. Wow, I've never seen him this happy. All the boys look at him, waiting for details about the date. We usually tell each other everything. Once in a while someone stays quiet about their date, and we respect that. But Niall eagerly tells us everything that happens.

'She's so amazing! Her laugh and her smile and just... Everything! She is amazing.' For the thousandth time, he tells us how 'she's amazing!'. I smile to myself. It's not very often you see Niall head over heels with someone.

I look at Niall bent over his phone. Every few minutes he smiles like an idiot nano doubt he's talking to his princess.

I wonder if I would ever find the perfect girl for me. Someone who loves me for who I am, not just a member of One Direction. Someone who will laugh at my jokes, even if they are awful. Someone who I can tell all my problems too. Someone I can love. I've dated girls before, but obviously, being single now, none of mum previous relationships worked out. My most recent one was with Perrie. After a few months with her I just realized she just wasn't the one for me. I was still fond of her, just more in a friend sort of way.

Louis was no longer dating Eleanor too. They are still really good friends, just that they both realized that what they had was more of a brother-sister relationship. Kind of like Perrie and I, although I wasn't that close to Perrie to call her my sister. Liam is still going strong with Danielle. Danielle's pretty cool. Some fans don't like her, but I think she andLiam makes a cute couple.

Harry comes over a swings and arm over me. 'I'm boooooored,' he moans. I suppress a laugh. Harry's always bored for one reason or another. I snap out of my self-pity of not having a girlfriend and say, 'Go play Mario Kart!' while pushing him towards where the other boys were racing. 'They won't let me. They said I lost too many games.' This time I laugh. Harry does suck at video games. He never beats anyone of us at any game, including me. And until I met the boys, I had hardly played any video games.

I think for a moment of what we could do. 'Wanna go get some ice-cream?' I look at Niall. Usually he'd jump at an opportunity to get food, but tonight he barely looks up. Weird. Harry, on the other hand, nods eagerly, his curls bouncing as he does. 'Yes! Zayn, darling, will you pleaaaaase take me?' Harry asks, acting like we're a couple and emphasizing the 'pleaaaaase'. 'Come one babe!' I say, playing along to the whole gay act. We get ready and I grab my car keys. I finally got my drivers license last month. Awesome.
'Bye guys, we're gonna get some ice-cream,' I say as I close the front door. No one pays attention to me. Fine.

'Darling, let's go!' Harry says, batting his eyelashes at me. I shove him and he gives up his gay act.
We get to the ice-cream store and get our ice-cream. There's no mob of fans here, because this ice-cream shop is pretty small business, and the only people that come here are regulars. And those regulars have gotten use to seeing us in there. Especially Niall.

'Whoa bro, look,' I follow Harry's eyes and I see his gaze is directed at a blonde girl with honey brown streaks in her hair. Her hair is slightly wavy, falling just below her shoulders. From where I'm sitting I can see her sparkling blue eyes. I'm not attracted to her - I think she's pretty and all, but I just don't have the urge where I want to be with her- but I can see Harry likes her. 'Go talk to her,' I say, nudging him. He shakes his head. 'Nah, she'll jut ask me for an autograph or something.' he says. We both know that's not true, it's just an excuse not to go talk to her.

I sigh. Harry is usually the flirt, the one that hits one any girl he sees. Why won't he go talk to that girl? I push him off his seat. I point to the pretty girl. He glares at me, but goes anyway.

I watch him walk over to the girl. I can't see Harry's facial expressions because his back is to me. But I can see the girl's expression.

First she smiles when Harry approaches her, than it changes to surprise. Probably realized he's THE Harry Styles. Following that she looks happy, Harry probably asked her out. Then suddenly, she looks sad as she tells Harry something. Wonder what happened. But she takes out a marker and writes something on Harry's hand, I'm guessing its her number. They shake hands and Harry walks back towards me.
'So when's the date?' I ask grinning. 'There isn't one,' he says. His eyes show how hurt he is. 'What happened?'

He puts his head in his hand and doesn't answer me for a while. I wait patiently. 'She says she can't go out with me because I'm always moving around, and she doesn't have faith in long distance relationships, but she'd still love to be friends with me.' That was harsh. I don't blame her though. We are moving around a lot, and having a girlfriend isn't really fair to the girl. Eleanor and Danielle use to (or used to, in Eleanor's case) be able to see Louis and Liam at most once a month, and they endured it because they love them. But being in a new relationship where the guy is never around, that's hard.

'What's her name?' I ask Harry. 'Patience,' he says with a dreamy look in his eyes. 'Well?' I ask. He turns and looks at me. 'Well what?' I roll my eyes and gesture to where Patience was ordering her ice-cream. 'You like her don't you?' I raise an eyebrow at Harry. 'Yes, but she won't go out with me!' he says impatiently. 'You're Harry Styles! Figure it out! Give her your Harry charm or something!' I say.

His eyes light up a little. 'You really think I could get her to like me?' I nod. And I meant it. Harry could get any girl to like him. I'm sure of it.


And Harry falls for Patience.

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