Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


3. Meeting the Lads

Bittersweet Love - Part 3
Madison's POV

'All right! All right! We'll go.'

Jody turns and stares at me with her jaw open. 'Are you insane! You wanna meet One Direction with her like this?'

I sigh. 'Aren't you a fan too?' She rolls her eyes at me. 'Yeah, another reason why we shouldn't go! We'll just embarrass ourselves! Sarah's too...' she pauses, looking for the right word. 'Enthusiastic,' she finishes.
I nod. 'C'mon, it doesn't matter. After all, how many people can say they've met One Direction?'

I see her sigh, and I know she's debating with herself whether she should go. Finally, she nods. Sarah gives a whoop of joy.

'But she HAS to calm down first!' Jody looks firmly at Sarah. Sarah immediately stops yelling. 'Calmed down,' she smiles.

Jody looks like she is going to protest further, so I take them both by their elbow and drag them to where a sign said 'Backstage - No Entering'.

I explain to the person standing at the entrance to the door how we were chosen. He stares at me suspiciously and say, 'In you go than, but one sigh of trouble...' He pauses and glares. I swallow. He looks scary. 'Yes sir.'

The three of us quickly duck under the man's piercing eyes. Inside the room, I see Harry and Louis play wrestling with each other, while the others are on a couch watching TV.

Louis is the first to see us, and when he does he clears his throat, and make a sweeping motion with his hand, welcoming us. I grin. Louis look even more amazing in person than in all those pictures. He had always been my favorite.

The rest of the boys turn towards us, and when they do, I look at Jody, and I know she doesn't regret coming along.

'Hey guys!' Niall speaks first. His accent is amazing. 'So, you people the lucky ones?' We nod in unison.
Sarah is the first to get over the shock of seeing them. She really was a lot calmer now. No breathlessness, not jumping up and down and yelling, I was impressed.

'Uh... Hi! I'm Sarah, this is Madison, and that's Jody. It so awesome seeing you guys in person!'

Liam nods and smiles. 'Hey! I'm Liam,' he begins, 'Harry, Niall, Louis and Zayn,' continues, pointing to each member respectively.

I look at Jody and roll my eyes. As if we didn't already know their names! Still, they were just being polite.
Sarah reaches into her bad and pull out a little notebook. 'Can you guys sign this?' The boys nod and Harry takes the book from her.

Louis looks at Jody and I. 'Do you guys want one too?' I did want one, and I knew Jody did, but we were both empty handed and had nothing for then to sign. I explain that to Louis and he smile. 'No problem!' he goes to the corner of the room. He rummages through a few bags there and come back with two little notepads, with five pages in each of them. On each page is a picture of each of the boys individually. On the first page is Liam, the second Harry, third Zayn, fourth Louis and fifth Niall. Louis pulls out a marker pen and signs his page on both books, before passing it around.

Zayn is the last one to sign it and he hands the two books to Jody and I. We smile and thank him.
We continue to chat for about another fifteen minutes or so, before Jody and I convince Sarah that the band needed their rest. We shake hands and wave goodbye, and all too soon, the visit is over.



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