Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


10. Invited to Dinner

Bittersweet Love - Part 9
Niall's POV

Madison was watching me with amusement as I quickly gobbled down all the food they had. After fifteen minutes, all the food that didn't have to be cooked to be eaten was in my stomach. I hadn't even realized that I had eaten so much till I stopped.

'Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry, I didn't realize I ate that much!' I say to Madison sheepishly. She smiles a little at me. 'Nah, it's fine.'

I start to make small talk with her, but she's really quiet and shy. I can barely get out three-word answers from her.

I was starting to feel a little uncomfortable because I was running out of things to ask her. I couldn't really have a conversation with her because all she did was answer my questions with short answers. I shift around in my chair awkwardly. What was I suppose to do?

Thank God, Jody and her other friend, whose name I couldn't remember, soon came in. Jody's face was red, she looked mad.

'Jody? Sarah? What happened? Sarah... What did you do?' Sarah. That's her name. And that was the most I had hear Madison speak in one go.

Jody stops next to Madison ad glares at Sarah. 'Yes Sarah. Why don't you tell Madison what you asked Liam out there?' Uh-oh. Liam? That didn't sound good.

Sarah glares back at Jody. 'Nothing! All I said was-'

Jody cuts her off and turns to Madison. 'She was like "Oh how's things with Danielle" and he was like "Oh great!" and than guess what our friend here said. OH MY GOSH Sarah I can't believe you said that!' she said, glancing at Sarah before looking at Madison again. She looked pissed. 'She called her a bitch! How can she be so blunt! It's not humanly possible! Oh God...'

Wow, that was harsh. Calling Danielle a bitch on front of Liam. Sarah was trying to defend herself, while Jody looked like she was close to tears. Madison was trying to cool the both of them down. I wasn't sure what to do.

After a few minutes of arguing, Jody throws her hands in the air and walks out of the room. Madison motions for me to follow her. 'Make sure she's okay' she mouths. Okay, sure. I could do that.
When I get out of the kitchen, I add Jody talking to Liam. She's apologizing on behalf of Sarah. 'I'm so sorry,' she says. 'I don't know what came over her.'

Liam smiles a little and shakes his head. 'It's okay, love.' He has a weird habit of calling random people love. Jody looks a little taken aback by that.

Sarah comes out followed by Madison. She walks straight up to Liam and says, 'I'm sorry I said that. I didn't mean it. I was just... Jealous.' Wait, jealous? Did she say jealous? Wow. I grab the small jar of biscuits on the coffee table and start munching.

Jody smacks her forehead and looks at Madison. Madison just shrugs. She looks surprised. Liam looks shocked. I'm pretty shocked too, but I just focus on my biscuits.

'Um... Jealous? E...excuse me?' he stammers. Sarah's eyes widen, like she just realized what she said. 'Oh My God, did I just say that?' all four of us nod. 'Oh God...' she turns to Liam. 'I'm making a huge fool of myself here, I'm so sorry. Can we please start over? Forget I said anything?' she pleads Liam. Liam nods his head. 'Sounds good, love.' Sarah looks surprised, and a little happy at being called 'love'. But who wouldn't? Being called 'love' by a hot and famous singer.

My phone rings. I look at the caller ID. It's Louis. They must be wondering where we were! I quickly answer.

'Hello?' I say into the phone.

'Where are you guys?!' I hear Louis dream into the phone.

'Long story, tell you guys later.' I reply. I hear him sigh on the other end.

'Is Liam with you?' he asks. I say yes. 'Well come home soon, Paul's freaking out.'

I laugh. Paul was always freaking out. 'All right, tell him we'll be he in ten.' I say before hanging up. I look at the girls and Liam.

'Well, we gotta go. Thank you for the food.' I say to them. They nod. Liam looks at them and ask, 'How about next time we entertain you guys at our house?' he says. Good idea, considering how much of their food I ate.

Jody and Sarah looks at Madison. It's seems like Madison was the most responsible one around here. She nods. 'Sure,' she says simply. 'When?'

Liam looks at me, silently asking me when would be a good time. 'Tomorrow?' I say. Jody nods, but Sarah whispers something into her ear. Looks like she was afraid of saying the wrong thing again.
'We can't tomorrow, out other friends from France is coming down.' Jody says. Ooh, French. I like this girl already.

'Bring her along,' I say. The more the merrier right?

She nods. 'Okay. Tomorrow than.'

Liam scribbles down his number and our address and hands it to them. 'Home-cooked meal all right?' he asks. They all nod. 'Great. So seven tomorrow at this address.' He hand them the paper.

We quickly say goodbye and leave. I was tired. It had been a pretty good day.


Is it really that bad? Can I pleaaaaaase get some feedback? (:

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