Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


6. Food at Our House!

Bittersweet Love - Part 6
Madison's POV

I drive away from the supermarket as quickly as possible back to our apartment. That was a close shave. After seeing those crazy fans, I DO NOT ever want to become a superstar.

In the back, I hear Liam scolding Niall. 'We told you going out was a bad idea! What if those fans caught up to us? Without the help of these lovely girls,' he gestured to the three of us, 'we'd be eaten alive by those people!' Niall sighs and looks at Liam. 'I'm sorry! I was hungry!' He gave Liam a apologetic look, but through the rear view mirror I could see him grinning after Liam let the matter rest.

Jody was sitting next to me in the front, while Sarah was in the back. Liam was sitting in between Niall and Sarah. It looked a little squished, for Liam and Niall were rather big. Not fat, definitely not fat. More like well-built. Sarah looked happy though. Every time we saw her, all she could talk about was how amazing One Direction was, and more specifically, how amazing Liam was.

Jody and I were fans of One Direction. We loved their music. Our lives just didn't revolve around them. Sarah, on the other hand, was obsessed.

'So do you guys wanna go back to... Wherever you guys stay now? I just need your address.' I say to Liam and Niall.

'Or you could come over to our place? We have food there.' Sarah says, looking at Liam. I look at Jody and she sighs. 'Shut up Sarah!' She could be a little blunt at times. I glare at her and mouth 'Be Polite'. She sighs and nods.

'Actually, sure. You guys can come over.' Jody was actually really nice, the nicest of us three.
Niall looks hopefully at Liam. 'They have food!' I hear him whisper into Liam's ear. I grin. Niall and his food. I wonder how he isn't fat.

Liam runs his hand through his hair. Truthfully, I was hoping that they would go home too. I was tired, and it was the first time I could spend time with Sarah outside of the rehab centre since she only came out today. I wanted to hang out with her. But I knew how much she loved Liam and One Direction, and this was a dream come true for her. So when Liam sighs and agrees reluctantly to come along, I don't protest.
'Welcome to our humble home,' Jody says when we get to our apartment, while making an exaggerated sweeping motion with her hand. I giggle and give the back of her head a light slap. Instead of getting mad at me, she just laughs.

Niall makes his way to the kitchen immediately after stepping into his home. Before he can take two steps into the house, however, Jody pulls him bak by his shirt. 'Shoes,' she says simply and nods at his feet. Maybe it's an Asian thing or something, but she always makes people take of their shoes before entering the house. I say it's an Asian thing because all of her family does that. Her mum, her aunts and grandparents (I know because I went with them on a holiday to Singapore once). It was weird at first, when we moved in together, but I'm used to it now.

Niall rolls his eyes and quickly takes his shoes over, before dashing to the kitchen. I smile and follow him. I was pretty hungry too. When I get there, the fridge is opened, and food is all over the table. What food we have, at least.

'Whoa... Niall... You look... Hungry,' I say. His mouth is already stuffed with cupcakes that Jody and I had baked yesterday to welcome Sarah home. There wasn't much of any other food though, so Niall wasn't doing much damage.

I sit and see Niall stuff the food into his mouth contentedly. Today had been amazing. Meeting One Direction and having one of my best friends finally with me again? What could get better?

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