Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


12. Facnying the French Girl

Bittersweet Love - Part 11
Niall's POV

I hear the doorbell ring, signaling that the girls are here. I open the door and see Jody, Madison and Sarah. But talking to Jody is another girl. Then I remember how Jody said their friends from France would be coming too. That must be her. She's so beautiful.

Harry invites them in and they sit down in the living room with us. We talk and get to know each other a little more. The only person I want to know more about, however, is Jules. I love the way she laughs and her short, wavy hair. I keep looking at her until Zayn nudges me and whispers, 'Stop staring!' I didn't realize it was that obvious.

Harry soon announces that dinner is ready. Jody stands up to help him. I find that weird, considering she was the guest, but she seems fine helping to set up dinner.

Soon all the food is out, and I was starving. We all take our places. To my extreme delight, it turns out that Jules had chosen a seat next to mine. I turn to her and smile. She smiles back.

We have a merry dinner of roasted chicken, baked potatoes and salad. Harry made them perfectly.
Jules and I both reach for the last potato, and when she sees me reaching for the plate too, she blushes and pulls her hand back. I quickly take the potato and put it on her plate. Her eyes widen.

'Take it, it's yours,' I whisper to her. She grins broadly. 'Really?' she asks. I nod. 'Thank you,' she says again. I smile. She looks so happy just to get the last potato.

I look up and see Zayn staring at me wide-eyed. Darn, I didn't think anyone saw that. 'Did you just give her the last potato?' he mouths at me. I nod. Zayn's eyes grow big. I love food, and I never give it up. Well, hardly.

The rest of the meal proceeds happily. After the meal, I suggest that we watch a movie. Jules and Madison agree, but Jody and Sarah want to return home. Jody has classes tomorrow, and Sarah's tired. I want Jules to stay, so I offer to drive Madison and Jules home. Jules is willing, but Madison hesitates. Jody whispers something into her ear and she finally agrees. Wonder what Jody said...

Jody and Sarah bid us farewell, but before they go, Liam gives them both out house telephone number. 'Call us anytime, we're gonna be here for a while. It'll be good to have someone to hang out with.'

Madison, Jules, Louis, Zayn and I go over to the sofa to sit down. The rest of the guys go to bed. We sit down and decide on the show Titanic. Madison was a little reluctant at first, saying that she always cried whenever she watched it. We all convinced her that it was fine, so she consented.

I was lucky again, for Jules sat down next to me. She smiles at me, and my heart immediately started beating ten times faster. Madison sat next to her, and I didn't really notice where all the other boys sat.
After the movie, and I looked up, I realized everyone had tear-stained cheeks. Even I did. 'Looks like we all cried, huh.' I say, and everyone laughs a little. I turn to Jules and say, 'Do you guys need to leave now or can you stay for a little?' Jules looks at Madison and Madison shrugs. 'We can stay a little.' I could've jumped for joy. I really like this girl.

'Wanna go outside?' I ask Jules. She nods. 'Sure, it's getting a little stuffy here anyway.' We go outside to the park nearby. It's almost eleven, so there isn't exactly anybody around. Jules take a deep breathe. 'Fresh air...Mmm' she says. I chuckle and she turns to me. 'What?' she says. 'Nothing... It's just that you seem so happy to be breathing in the fresh air.' She rolls her eyes. 'Well, I used to live in Shanghai, so I actually appreciate having the fresh air and sunshine here. You don't get much of those in China.'
Interesting. She used to live in China. I always wanted to go there. 'How long we're you there?' I ask. 'Four years,' she says. 'I actually met Madi, Jody and Sarah there. We went to the same school for a while.' Wow. They must've been friends for a long time. 'How long have you known each other?' I ask. She looks at me. 'How long we've known each other or how long we've been friends?' I think. 'Both,' I say. She thinks for a little while and replies, 'Jody, Sarah and I have known each other since we were about I was 13, and we've known Madi since we were 14.' That was pretty cool. I'm guessing Jules was about 18, so four years they've all known each other.

'So when did you guys move here?' 'Madison, Jody and Sarah moved here last year, but Sarah was in rehab that year, and-' 'Whoa. Rehab? What the heck?' I interrupt. Jules bites her lower lip. 'Oops, she might not want me telling you, sorry...' she says. I nod my head. Even though I was extremely curious, I respected her space. 'And I'm moving here next month,' she continues. She was moving here? Amazing!
I suddenly grab her hand and pull her closer to me. She looks at me, surprised, but doesn't pull away. I lean down and whisper in her ear, 'Im glad you're here.'


Oooh Niall (:

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