Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


4. At the Supermarket

Bittersweet Love - Part 4
Sarah's POV

'That. Was. Awesome!' I rest my head against the back of the car seat. I was still breathless from meeting One Direction, especially Liam. He had always been my favourite, and I had fantasized over meeting him many times before.

'It was pretty fun,' I hear Madison say from the behind the steering wheel. Jody was next to her. 'I agree. It was better than I thought,' she says.

I close my eyes and play back everything that happened while meeting them. However, my thoughts are interrupted by the growling of my stomach.

'Hey Maddie, do we have any food back in our apartment?' I lean forward and ask. She slams her right hand on the wheel. 'Oops! Jody and I were so excited that you were coming out we forgot to do grocery shopping!'

I let out a deep sigh. 'I'm starving!' I sound whiny, but I don't read care.

Jody turns and looks at me. 'You're hungry? Didn't think I'd live to hear you say that!' I blush. 'Can we stop at the store in the way back?' Madson nods. 'There's one just on the right, we can go there.'

I smile and nod. I was glad that my rehab was over. I was determined not to fall back to my old habits.
Madison pulls into the parking zone at the supermarket. Jody turns and looks at me. 'You're gonna do the shopping. It's time you start buying food, eating food, learning what kind of food is good, looking-' 'Got it!' I laugh and cut her off. 'I got it! So you guys not coming in with me?' Madison looks at Jody, and in that split second come to an understanding.

'No. We'll come in with you, but you're gonna do most of the buying. Deal?' she looks at me and raises an eyebrow. 'Sure,' I wink, making Jody laugh.

We get out of the car and enter the supermarket. I starts walking, and Jody starts pretending like they were stalking me. I laugh. She was so silly sometimes. Madison is tugging at her, trying to get her to act more mature.

The first section I go to is the junk food section. I always loved junk food, and had deprived myself of them for too long now. I turn to look at my two friends and grin. Jody has convinced Madison to play 'spy/stalking' with her. I called it 'super-secret-super-spy'. Jody and I played that sometimes. We would go around stalking random people. It was surprisingly fun.

I stroll down the aisle, taking my time to look at the different snacks. I grab a few bag of chips and turn. I stop when I see somebody a few maters away in a green hoodie. Anybody else wouldn't have known who he was, but considering I just met him less than an hour ago, I was pretty confident the person standing in front of me was Niall Horan.


So far is it okay? Feedback would be greatly appreciated :D


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