Bittersweet Love

When five ordinary girls meet the five lads... what happens? From accidents to pregnancies to abuse, will they survive their bittersweet love for one another?


1. One Direction Here?!

Bittersweet Love - Part 1
Jody's POV

Madison and I talk excitedly as we walk towards the rehab centre. Today was the day that our other best friend, Sarah was going to released from rehab. She had been in there because of an eating disorder. She had been anorexic the year before, and although it took a lot of convincing, she finally checked herself into rehab.

We walk through the doors of the rehab centre. The lady at the desk looks up.

'Can I help you?' I think she looks friendly. She smiles and there is a twinkle in her eye. I like her.

'Yeah,' I say cheerfully, matching her friendliness. 'We're here for a Sarah Shaya? She's being released today.'

The lady nods. I look at her name tag. Her name is Lisa. 'She'll be out soon. Would you like to help her pack?'

Madison and I nod eagerly and we follow her to a room marked 1F. Inside is Sarah, packing. We see each other, and pause only for a second before running to each other for a group hug.

'Im finally coming out!' Sarah says. Even after a year in rehab, she's skinnier than most people, and underweight. Madison and I had made it our personal mission to fatten her up.

After we finish helping her pack up, we pile into Madison's car and start driving down the road.
'Where ate we going? My home's the other way.' Sarah says, puzzled.

I look at Madison and we both crack up.

'We're taking you somewhere and start fattening you up!' Madison looks on the rear view mirror at Sarah and winks. A year ago Sarah would have protested loudly and do everything she could not to join us, but now she just smiles and say,'Awesome!'

We get to the bar that the three of us always went to hang out before Sarah was anorexic. We always joked about how lame the bar's name was (it was just called The Bar) and today was no exception. We walk in laughing, and suddenly Sarah stops dead in her tracks.

Madison notices and ask, 'You okay Sarah?'

Sarah doesn't make a sound and just points to the stage where I see five handsome boys singing and dancing on stage. I gasp as realization hits me. One guy has curly hair, one guy black hair, another blonde, and the remaining two with brownish hair. I look at Madison and she laughs.

'No way! What in the world in One Direction doing here?'



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