Good things Happen for a Reason

Tamara and her two friends Claudia and Brooke. Are three girls who have been bullied since prep. They are now 18 and best friends. They have stuck thorugh thick and thin. But will that change once they meet one direction and move to london?


2. London here we Come

Brookes POV


yes today is the day i leave my home, most people would be upset of leaving, but i cant wait to get out of here. Last night i said good bye to everyone i knew. My parents, family and all of friends they under stand why i want to leave, but they will miss me ill miss them too. Claudia, Tamara and i are waiting at the air port for our flight to be called  to go to our new home in london. In year 8 we all made a promase in year 8 after school finished we would move to london after school finished and start a new life. I still cant believe its going to happen at first i thought it was a dream like when you are little and you wish you where a princess, but my dream is different because its comming true....


                                                                    5 minutes later


Our plane was just called, So now we are walking to the plane ill miss this place so many memories here, from knowing who my best friends are to knowing who are the enemies...


"Ill miss this place too" tammy says like she read my mind or something.

"yeah so many memories.." i say back knowing she will under stand

"We can always come back if it doesnt work out?" she says, yes she is very home sick she will miss her pets - dog gemma, horses elmo and chessnut.

"i think we would be fine" i say

"true" she says smiling we are now in our seats on the plane waiting for it to take off.




London here we come............  


(sorry my chapters arnt going to be that big just im not good at this thing sorry.. hope you like it)

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