Heres A Tip

Brooklyn was an ordinary girl. Noting special. She was still in school and she was struggling to pay for her self after her mom passed away. It was just her dad and herself and her little brother Carter. One day she has a few special guests visit her at her job Subway. When one of them slips their phone number in the tip bin she cant believe it and she doesnt.


4. Re-uniting

Louis POV

     I opened the door to see a girl waiting outside. She just stood there with a confused look on her face. "May I help you?" I asked  waving my hand in front of her face to get her to move.

     "Um, uh is this your house?" she asked.

     "No, it's my mates," I told her. It was actually Harry's but we were all over.

     "Oh well ok," she replied. She still hadn't told me why she was here. She obviously didn't know this was Harry's house because her hair was  in a messy ponytail and she wearing coca cola pajamas just like I was.

     "So um why are you hear?" I asked not trying to sound rude.

     "Well, actually my friend wanted to ding dong ditch someone so we found this house," she told me. Wow! Ding dong ditching! I wish I couldv'e done that. I've always wanted to.

     "Are you still going to? Because if you are I kinda want want to join?" I told her scratching my head giving her the puppy dog face."Pleeeeease,"

     "I guess so," she said.

     "YES!, Guys I'm going out with a couple of people don't wait up!" I yelled. All of sudden all 4 guys came running towards the door to see who was here.

Brooklyn POV

     I probably looked like an idiot in pajamas at the front door staring at Louis. I was actually surprised he didn't recognize me. I mean it was only like an hour ago. But I guess since I was out of my uniform and all. All the other guys came running down the stairs. Harry was wearing no shirt and plaid pajamas. His hair was a little messy but it still looked good. Liam was wearing a loose white v-neck top and a also some blue and green plaid bottoms. Zayn was wearing a white tank top that fit him loosely and some long red plaid pajama pants. He also had a dark navy blue beanie on. Niall was wearing a shirt that says "IM IRISH" on it and some green pajama pants that had four leaf clovers on it. 

     "Guys, this is...." 

     "BROOKLYN!!!????" Niall interupted. All the guys turned to look at him with a "how the heck do you know this person" look. 

     "Uh...hi" I replied back still with a really blank look on my face. I hear footsteps behind me and I looked back to see Riley walking back to get me. 

     "How do you know this person?" Liam asked. 

     "She was the one at Subway! You remember the one I gave my number to!" he basically screamed still looking shocked that I was here. 

     "Oh yeah!" Harry replied. The other guys nodded and looked as if they had remembered. 

     "Anyway, we're off. We might be back around 10ish," Louis called.

     "Where are you going?" Niall called back. 

     "Ding dong ditching,"

      "Can I come?" he asked. 

      "Um, I kind of need to talk to Brooklyn. Alone," he replied. Niall got a look of sadness on his face but all I was thinking about was how Louis needed to talk to me. Why? We headed out the door. Louis turned and saw Riley and I introduced them. We walked to our first house and thats when Louis decided it was time to talk. 

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