Heres A Tip

Brooklyn was an ordinary girl. Noting special. She was still in school and she was struggling to pay for her self after her mom passed away. It was just her dad and herself and her little brother Carter. One day she has a few special guests visit her at her job Subway. When one of them slips their phone number in the tip bin she cant believe it and she doesnt.


6. Operation NOT Together


Louis POV

Oh shoot!!! What the fuck did I just do. Fuck fuck fuck!!! I kissed her. I kissed her! I KISSED HER!! I had a girlfriend. I loved my girlfriend. At least I think I do. NO! I KNOW I do. Ugh. We walked back to Harry's house in complete silence. It was kind of awkward and I could tell she felt that way to. But from the way she looked at me and the way she looked at Niall. I knew there was a big difference. When she looked at Niall I saw them light up being a little more bigger and braver. When she looked at me I saw shyness and friendship. Thats the way I was starting to look at Eleanor. I guess I kissed her because I just wanted to feel something. "What?" she asked me. Oh shoot I said that out loud didn't I!?!

"Um nothing.." I said. I didn't really want to repeat myself. I also didn't want to say that in the first place. She nodded and looked back at the ground. We were about to turn the corner when I grabbed her wrist. She looked at me with fear. The I realized my wrist was clenched on hers and my face was scrunched. I kinda looked like I was going to stab her or something. I quickly let go and loosened my face. "Please don't tell the guys about this," I said trying to make my eyes look saddened with a small puppy dog face. She nodded again as I walked in the house. She followed behind slower. I knew she wanted to say goodbye to everyone else so I quickly called for the guys to come down. They came running!

"Bye Guys! Nice seeing you again! This might be the last time..." she said looking dissapointed. They all smiled.

"No it won't" Harry replied. I could see Brooklyn's frown turn upwards to a small grin as she hugged each one. When she came to we kind of sat there for a minute awkwardly before Zayn yelled "Well you gonna hug or not?" 

Brooklyn came closer and closer till I felt I was going to pass out. She wrapped he arms around me pulling me in for a hug. I sniffed in the scent of her hair. The hug was longer than I expected because before I knew it Brooklyn was trying to get out of my reach. I didn't realize it at first so I kept holding on, more protectively this time. The guys started pulling on my arms and then I snapped back to reality. All the guys had a "what the fuck bro?" face on. I felt guilty and just screamed some random nonsense about carrots to lighten the mood.

When she left I was kind of glad. I mean I liked her and all but now I could start operation NOT Together. I called Niall aside and he looked at me strangely but nodded and we walked to the guest room.

Niall POV

Louis pulled me aside and I was very confused. I didn't really know what he wanted to talk about but he looked really serious so I just nodded and shrugged it off. We walked up the stairs to the guest room. We weren't talking and all you could hear was the sudden scream of the guys from watching a horror movie. We sat down on the bed as Louis nervously ran his fingers through his hair. What was he so worried about? "Do you like Brooklyn?" he finally said. He said it nervously but just stood there watching me.

"Ya she's a cool girl," I replied back.

"No, like do you like like her?" Why was he asking this? Was it obvious? Not saying I do!

"Um.. I don't know. I might just fancy her a little..." was all I said. Now rubbing my hands through my hair awkwardly he spoke again

"Well I don't think you should date her!" he blurted out. Why all of a sudden is he caring about who I date?

"Why?" I asked with an annoyed look on my face.

“Because when I was talking to her she seemed like a complete slut and she told me she had another boyfriend. She actually has two. Each night she has one of them buy her dinner and the other one the next and so on,” he blurted. Then he looked guilty.

“What?” I asked mumbling. I was upset. She seemed really sweet and care-free. She didn't seem like the person who would actually do this.

“I'm so sorry Niall,” he said. I just got up and left. I walked out the door and just ran home. But I got lost so I ran the nearest houses doorbell. The first two didn't answer so I went up to a little green house. I heard shuffling from upstairs. A small figure opened the door. She looked familiar but I couldn't tell how.

“Niall?” she asked.

“Ya thats me...” I said looking at the ground. I finally realized where I knew her from. She was the girl with...Brooklyn. It hurt me to say her name even if it was in my head.

“Riley?” I asked.


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