Heres A Tip

Brooklyn was an ordinary girl. Noting special. She was still in school and she was struggling to pay for her self after her mom passed away. It was just her dad and herself and her little brother Carter. One day she has a few special guests visit her at her job Subway. When one of them slips their phone number in the tip bin she cant believe it and she doesnt.


7. Never let me repeat NEVER

   Riley POV

   "What are you doing here?" I asked Niall. He looked like he was upset. 

   "I just got really upset...Am I bothering you?" he asked.

   "No, come on in," He made his way through the doorway. I looked around the room as I ushered him to the living room. My house was spotless, good thing I cleaned up today. He sat down on the couch and I sat down on the chair in front of it. "So, you gonna tell me what's wrong?" I asked. He looked down.

   "It's just after Louis went ding dong ditching with you and Brooklyn he told me some stuff about Brooklyn and I just couldn't believe it," he mumbled. 

  "What about Brooklyn?" I asked confused about what was wrong with Brooklyn. I mean last thing I recalled she was totally normal. 

   "About her many boyfriends..." he trailed on. WHAT??

   "Brooklyn is single...she's never and let me repeat NEVER had a boyfriend. she always tells me she's just waiting for her prince not some random player which is basically all there is!" I basically screamed. He seemed shocked. 

   "Then why did Louis say every night she has a new guy buy her dinner and all?" he asked. 

   "I honestly have no idea," she spoke. 

Niall POV

   I didn't know who to believe. I wanted to believe Louis but for some reason I couldn't. He's been my best friend forever and I just met these girls an hour ago. I have to believe Louis. Right? 

   "I don't believe you,' I finally spoke up. 

   "What? Why not?" she said in a surprised tone. Maybe she was telling the truth. 

   "Because Louis is my best friend and he would never lie to me!" I yelled. I was kind of getting offended. 

   "If you don't believe me go ask Brooklyn herself!!!!" she yelled back.

   "Fine I will!" I said hopping off the couch and heading to the front door when I heard a yell "AND DONT BE SURPRISED WHEN SHE SAYS THE SAME THING!" and hearing that I slammed the front door. 

    I started to walk to where I think I came from. I finally found Harry's house. "Ok so she's Harry's neighbor," I reassured myself. I walked up to the little blue house next to Harry's and knocked on the door. I heard a couple of shuffles and then the door opened. I was super shocked to see Louis opening the door. 

   "What are you doing here?" he asked in an...angry tone? Why was he angry? 

   "I came to speak to Brooklyn," I said confidently. He gave me an ugly look then called Brooklyn  over. She came running down the stairs and when she looked up at me the look of shock appeared on her face. 

   "Yes?" she asked.

   "I was wondering if I could speak to you...alone," I quickly added. She nodded as Louis walked out the door. 

   "See ya on Thursday Brooklyn!!!" He called out. She smiled as she waved back. Why was she seeing Louis on Thursday?

   "What are you doing with Louis on Thursday?" I asked.

   "Oh, he's bringing Eleanor to the mall with Harry and I. He was just going to bring Eleanor and Harry but he thought Harry would be lonely so he asked if I could be Harry's "date"," she said using fake parentheses when she said date. What?

   "Oh ok,"

   "So what did you want to talk about?" she asked. 

   "Um well when Louis came back from Ding Dong Ditching he told me I shouldn't become...friends with you. He said you have tons of boyfriends and that you cheat a lot," I stumbled. 

   "What? Louis said that?" she asked surprised. 


   "But I don't have a boyfriend. I'm just waiting for my prince charming to come sweep me off my feet. But all the guys I know are total players. I can't believe he said that. I thought I was finally making another friend UGH I'm so stupid!" she said as she started tearing up. "Did you know that every time I think I'm actually making a new friend they go and do something like this!?" she asked. I just slowly shook my head. "Well, it's true!" I didn't know what to say. I couldn't believe I didn't believe Riley. Ugh Im so stupid!

   "Erm.." I started to speak. "Uh what do you mean by when your friends go and do something like this?" I asked. I really wanted to know actually. 

   "Well... it's kind of a long story but there were these girls in my class a while back that acted like my best friends but they were actually talking behind my back. They practically made the whole school hate me which is how I came to love music. Whenever I was feeling down I just sang and wrote songs... I guess like Taylor Swift but without the drama. Soon I couldn't take it anymore and I transfered schools and basically changed," she explained.

   "Wow..." was all I could say. "Uh...I didn't know you could sing," I told her.

   "Well I don't really think I can but I like to. I'm not that good..." she stumbled.

   "I bet you're not that bad!" I laughed. " Sing something for me!" I commanded.

   " thats ok." 

   "But I command you!" I laughed again. (haha vámonos *only few will understand)

   "Um. Ok fine! What do you want me to sing?" she stumbled.

   "Who's your favorite singer or band?"

   "I like The Script, Micheal Bublé, of course you guys haha, um The Beatles, The Who, Bon Jovi, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, people like that,"

   "Ok well do you know She Will Be Loved?" I asked. 

   "Ya ok one second let me go grab my guitar!" I nodded as she went into another room grabbing a guitar. "Um uh... this is awkward..." she nervously spoke.

   "Just pretend I'm not here. Close your eyes," I said as she did so. "Now sing!" She started to sing and she was actually really good, great even. When she sang she ignored the outside world and focused on the music. 

   "And she will be loved. She will be lo-o-o-o-oved," she finished the last piece of the song and I immediantly started to clap.

   "THAT WAS AMAZING!!! You can really sing!!!!" I screamed. She started to laugh and I gave her a huge hug recieving more laughs. 

   "Thanks," she thanked.

   "Brooklyn, you have a talent! Why'd you say you can't sing?"

   "I don't know. I guess I never thought I could," she was obviously really nervous. 

   "Well, obviously you do!"

   "Can we not talk about this anymore? You are starting to kind of freak me out," she laughed. 

   "Ok what do you want to do?"

   "Watch a movie?" she asked. 

   "Ok what movie?" I asked. 

   "Hmm well my favorites are the Avengers, Grease, Alice In Wonderland, and any Sci-Fi movie!"

   "Ok how about the Avengers?" I asked.

   "OK! Let me put it in!" she laughed. About half way through the movie I was kinda getting sleepy. I could tell Brooklyn was too because she was constantly yawning and her eyes were droopy. A few more minutes past and I felt something on my shoulder. Brooklyn had rest her head on my shoulder. I was too tired to care so we both fell asleep on the couch together. 


------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Authors Note - 

   Hey Guys! It's Brooklyn!!!!!!!!! Sorry I haven't uploaded in like forever.... but no one was actually reading it and still arent so um ya none of you care. AWKWARD! Anyway... Um what do you guys think??????

RANDOM SHOUT OUT TO star_lover88 because she gave me one and she totally deserves one more!!1 I actually personally know her (she goes to my school) and she is like the most awesomest person ever!!! She is amaZAYN, briLIAM, phenomiNIALL, fabuLOUIS, and extrordiHARRY!!!! I love her to death!!! as a sister :) Go read her fanfics right now!!! :P




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