Heres A Tip

Brooklyn was an ordinary girl. Noting special. She was still in school and she was struggling to pay for her self after her mom passed away. It was just her dad and herself and her little brother Carter. One day she has a few special guests visit her at her job Subway. When one of them slips their phone number in the tip bin she cant believe it and she doesnt.


8. Forever Alone

  Brooklyn POV
  I woke up in the morning to the smell of bacon. Bacon is like one of my favorite foods so I immediately got up. I stumbled slowly into the kitchen to find Niall in my "Kiss The Chef" apron. It must have been on the counter. I laughed at what he was wearing. Then the look on my face changed to a confused one. Why was he here? I can't really remember what happened after the movie.  
  "Morning sleepy head!" he laughed though I couldn't tell what he was laughing at ; me or how I looked in the mornings.  I probably look like some zombie right now. My hair is always very poofy in the morning and my eyes always have dark circles under my eyes.
  "What are you doing here?" I asked laughing a bit.
  "Well, you fell asleep on my shoulder and you just looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake you up," he said smiling.
  "OK. Whatcha making?" I said coming over to his food. My eyes widened at how much food he was making. Niall Horan was in my kitchen and I was focused on the amazing food he was cooking. Ugh I'm such a dork but hey! Food is food!!! And food is good!!1
  "Well I made bacon, pancakes, eggs, biscuits, toast," he started and was about to go on before I stopped him.
  "Woah! Hold On! Where'd you get all that food?" I asked confused.
  "Um well I kind of.. uh... went through your fridge. Hope you don't mind!" he said smiling that adorable grin that no one could say no to.
  "OK. So whatcha doin’ today?" I asked.
  "Well, I'm not doing anything. But you have to go shopping with Louis, Harry, and Eleanor so go get dressed...and showered you look like a zombie," he laughed. I groaned hearing I had to go face Louis. I had to go talk to him though. I laughed at the part where he said I looked like a zombie and headed to the shower. I grabbed 2 towels ; one for my body and one for my hair and hopped in the shower. The water was hot as it poured down my body. I started to sing because I just love the feeling of singing in the shower. I started to sing I won't give up by Jason Mraz getting REALLY into it.
Niall POV
  I continued to make the bacon as Brooklyn was in the shower. I was on my 5th piece when I started to hear a few notes of a tune. Suddenly, it got a lot louder as the person who was starting to sing got very into it. I smiled knowing that it was Brooklyn's voice. It was kind of sad how she didn't know how good she was.
  The singing came to a stop and then I heard the shower head turn off. I heard the creek of the door and a few steps running to another room. She was probably getting dressed.
Brooklyn POV
  What to wear? What to wear?
  I pulled out my Beatles shirt and a pair of cream skinning jeans. I slipped them on and pulled out some gold star earrings and a gray hat fedora with a black ribbon across it. I went to my makeup dresser and got out a comb. I brushed my blonde hair with the colored ombre hair I had in it. My hair was naturally blonde but I always loved to put color in my hair. The last time I went to the hairdresser, which was about 2 months ago, I got my tips done. The tips of my hair went from hot pink to dark blue. I loved colored hair! Anyway, After I brushed my hair I decided to curl it.
  I pulled out my pink curling iron and spent a good 10 minutes curling my hair. I looked at my phone to see a couple missed calls and texts from Riley. I decided to answer them later. It was only 9:45 and we were meeting up at 12 so I had enough time. I put on a light coat of mascara and a light pink lip gloss. It wasn't a lot but I liked it that way. I usually never put on make up but since I was meeting 2/5 of One Direction and one of their girlfriends like WOAH seriously this was a dream come true. I decided I was done getting ready so I hopped up from the chair and walked back to the kitchen to wear the table was all set and the food was already on the table. I remembered Niall making a ton of food but there looked about half of what was actually there.
  Did he eat it all? I always thought that was a rumor how he ate that much. Maybe he did though. I sat down at the oakwood table and poured me a glass of Simply Orange Juice. My favorite! I wonder where Niall is?
  “Niall!” I called out. No answer. Well ok then! I ate whatever was left of the breakfast and checked my phone again. It was 10:05. Not much time had passed by. I still had a while so I decided to go on twitter. I looked at my followers to see I had over 1000. Wait how did this happen? The last time I checked I had 6, and half of them were my phsyco cousin who had like 3 accounts. I looked at my account comments and they all seemed to be connected to a photo. My phone was being its stupid self and not loading fast enough so all I could see was the caption. It read :     Isn’t she sooooo cute when she’s sleeping? :) @brooklyn_gibbs

  “What?” I muttered aloud. Finally, the picture loaded. I took in all the details. I saw me leaning on Niall’s shoulder. He was posing for the camera with his mouth hung open and one of his hands in a thumbs up position. HE TOTALLY STOLE THAT FROM ME! I told him last night that that was my signature pose. Oh he is going to pay for that? Anyway! There were like 1 million likes on the pic already and a thousand retweets. I decided to look at the comments. A couple of them were really nice but then there were a bunch of mean and confused ones. Well who cares? I’m not really the one who will cry over someone that doesn’t know me. I sat on twitter until my alarm went off telling me that I had to leave to get Harry. I walked out the door grabbing my purse and heading to Harry’s house.

Harry POV

  I heard a knock on the door and went to go answer it. It was probably Brooklyn. Louis invited her to come with us to go shopping. He just said it was because I was going to get lonely when Eleanor and him go off by themselves, which they always do, but I really thought that he was just trying to get me to break up with Taylor. I don’t know why Louis is so jealous though! Taylor is awesome and talented and just plain amazing!
  Before opening the door, I quickly glanced in the stand up mirror beside the door. I was wearing a dark gray hiptsa please t-shirt, some tight skinny jeans and a black beanie that tucked in the curls all the ladies loved. I opened the door to see Brooklyn standing outside. My eyes followed down her body taking in her outfit.
  She was wearing a beatles shirt, some cream skinny jeans, black TOMS, sparkly gold earrings, and a gray fedora. Her colored hair was curled just to perfection.
  “Like what you see?” she said smirking, breaking the silence. I just laughed at her smart remark and headed outside locking the door behind me. We headed toward my car when she stopped right in front of the passengers seat.
  “You gonna get in?” I asked.
  “Well ,I was just wondering which door to head in? Louis probably wants to sit in front right?” she asked.
  “Louis and Eleanor are taking a seperate car because they usually leave early and leave me behind,”
  “Oh ok,” she said hopping into the car. Once she got inside she took off her hat running her fingers through her hair. I couldn’t help but stare at her. I was pulled out of my trance when I heard the ding of my phone go off telling me I had a new text. I grabbed my phone out of my jean pocket. It read : Hey Babe :) missing you already xoxo maybe I could take a break from recording today to come visit you! Heard you are going shopping??? - Taylor
  I saw Brooklyn look over from her seat to see my text. I shoved my phone in her face so she could know that I saw her. She started to blush majorly.
  “Well, would you mind if I brought Taylor?” I asked her.
  “Not at all. Man! I’m meeting so many celebrities in the first week of summer!” she joked. I laughed too and went back to texting my girlfriend.
  Sure come on over! Meet you at Hollister :) I’m wearing my Hipsta Please t-shirt. Louis invited my neighbor (I think he doesn’t like us together) but shes cool so don’t worry about her xx Harry
Taylor - WHAT? Why doesn’t Louis like us? Is the girl pretty? Prettier than me? Ugh she’s going to ruin our date!  
  Woah no need to be all bitchy its just one girl!
Harry - No sweetie she’s not as pretty as you! :3 IDK why Louis doesn’t like us he thinks you’re a slut :( but you aren’t I LOVE UUUUUUUU!!!!!! Shes not going to ruin our date! Just get to know her and if you really can’t stand her we will ditch her
Taylor - Ok BYE HONEY!!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
  I felt bad that we might ditch Brooklyn because I was always being ditched by Louis and it never felt good.

Brooklyn POV
  I was reading his texts to Taylor from the reflection of my phone. I was really shocked when he said he would ditch me. He was just another one of the Fakers that always ended up killing me inside.
   Personally, I really hated Haylor ( Harry + taylor).  I hated how she played with other guys’ hearts. No one deserved that! Harry was just going to end up like any other. I was getting bored with just sitting in awkward silence so I decided to turn on the radio. Immediately, the first sang that came on was What Makes You Beautiful by 'no other' than  One Direction. I kept it on singing softly to the words.
  "But when you smile at the ground it ain't hard to tell..." I sang.
  "YOU DON'T KNOW OH OH YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!" Harry jumped in. Even though he was singing very loud and very obnoxious, his voice was still like an angel. I decided to even louder matching his. When the last chorus came on Harry turned the radio down very low and stopped singing. I was too "in the moment" to notice so I kept singing until the song was over. That's when I noticed that the volume was on very low and Harry was staring intensely at me, his mouth hanging open.
  "What?" I asked. It bothered me how he was staring at me.
  "You sing REALLY good!" He smiled. I couldn't help but blush a deep rosy color when he said that.

Harry POV

  As Brooklyn turned on the radio, it started playing our song. She started singing softly and it sounded pretty good. I wanted to hear more so I decided to sing really loud so she would to. I figured out a while back with my sister, Gemma, that whenever someone songs softly so do the other people because they don't want to stand out. But if you song louder the others sound louder too. True fact! I've tested the theory!!
  "YOU DON'T KNOW OH OH YOU DON'T KNOW YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!" I sang, going the loudest I could. Brooklyn started to sing a little louder too and within a few minutes she was singing as loud as me. Her voice was really good and I soon caught myself staring at her instead of the road. My mouth slowly opened as I watched her. Before the song ended I slowly turned down the radio getting a better chance to hear her voice. She didn't seem to notice so she kept going. Her voice was amazing. The song ended and she looked back at me to see me staring at her.
  "What?" She asked.
  "You sing REALLY good!" I said emphasizing the word really. She started blushing very bad and I couldn't help but smile even bigger.
  "Thanks," she smiled again. We listened to a couple more songs ; Locked Out Of Heaven, Good Time, and Behind The Music. We had a couple of singing competitions and then when Behind The Music came on we decided to have a rap competition. We both knew that song very well. Before we began, I turned on my video camera and clicked record. We sang the tune and then when my favorite part of the song came on Brooklyn screamed "This is my favorite part!!!!" She said.
  "Mine too!" We both rapped it really loud.
  "Now I was trying hard to be somebody. Be the cool kid at the party. Lookin at me la di da di. Hottie hottie hot tomale. Strangers sizin up my body. Tell me I could be somebody WAIT (breath) someone stop me. Went home and I called my mommy," we rapped.  At the end of the song we both started to laugh and I clicked stopped on the video camera. I uploaded it to twitter and my YouTube account I made only a couple of days ago as we pulled up to the town center. I got out of the car and so did Brooklyn.
  We walked quickly to Hollister where we met up with Eleanor and Louis. I got a text from Taylor saying she'd be here in 5 minutes.

Brooklyn POV
  We met up with Louis and and his girlfriend, Eleanor at the strongly smelling, perfume scented store.
  "Hi I'm Brooklyn, Harry's neighbor," I introduced myself holding out my hand for her to shake.
  "I'm Eleanor. I'm glad Harry found someone better than Taylor. I couldn't stand her!" She laughed. "Oh and I don't do handshakes, I do hugs," she said pulling me in for a hug.
  I hugged her back but immediately corrected her for her mistake of Harry and I. "Um actually Harry and I aren't dating... He's still with Taylor,"
  "Oh," she said frowning.
  "Oh and she's meeting up with us today too," I told her. She only nodded as Taylor walked in, in a knee length red dress, a flowery cardigan, and a ton of makeup. I always like Taylor's style but I could never pull it off. She said hi to Harry pulling him in for a kiss as I covered my eyes with my hands.
  "Ewwwww" I said as they both laughed.
  "What? Never kissed anyone before?" He asked.
  "Um...well actually no..." I studderd. They all looked at me in shock, like I just admitted to robbing a bank.
  "But you're sooooo pretty!" Eleanor yelled.
  "Thanks. But I just am waiting for the right person... Oh and by the way I'm Brooklyn," I said holding out my hand for Taylor.
  "Taylor," she said shaking it.
  "Ya I know," I laughed and she did too.
  "Well Louis and I are gonna leave now! Nice meeting you Brooklyn! We should totally have a girls night!" She said waving goodbye. I agreed as we all waved back.
  "Well Harry, I guess you and I should leave too..." Taylor said trailing off. Harry looked at me with an apologetic look on his face as he turned away and walked away. I felt horrible knowing I was going to have to spend half of my day by my self waiting for them. I decided to walk to Starbucks and grab myself something to drink. I walked up to the worker and ordered my usual, a white chocolate mocha. I grabbed it and decided to sit down at a table while the performer on the stage kept singing "I won't give up,". She finished the song a little after I came in.
  "Ok! So continuing the open mic session anymore volunteers?" Her bubbly voice boomed through the microphone. Being as bored as I was I decided to go ahead but volunteer. But I wanted to do it in style...hmmm how to volunteer...OOOO I GOT IT
  "I VOLUNTEER AS TRIBUTE!!" I yelled. The rest of the store laughed as I walked up to the stage.
  "Ok so what's your name?" She asked. " and don't say Katniss Everdeen," I laughed at her comment and told her my name.
  "Ok so just start whenever!" She chirped as she skipped off the stage. I contemplated what to sing when I decided to do one of my favorites.
  "I'm wide awake! Ya I was in the dark. I was fallin' hard with an open heart. I'm wide awake. How did I read the stars so wrong?" I began. I immediately got very into it, singing my soul out.
  As I finished the song, everyone clapped. I looked around to see a few even videotaping. I smiled and walked off the stage to go shopping. I walked into Hot Topic and headed toward the Doctor Who isle and grabbed a few things.
  I loved Doctor Who. It’s one of my favorite TV shows with Once Upon A Time.
  I walked over to the checkout and payed for my items. The only bad thing about Hot Topic was that it was very over price. I went to a couple shops after Hot Topic like Fuego, Plato’s, and some weird, quirky stores before I decided to go home. I was getting bored and I had just gotten a text from Louis saying after we shopped we were going to go out to eat. And hope you’re having a fun time with Harry :).
  Sure I’m having a blast! (note the sarcasm). The text also told me we were going out to eat at 6 and it was still only 3. That meant about another 3 hours of being a loner! Woo... I started walking towards the car when I realized I was a complete idiot. DUH! This is Harry’s car and he has the keys. UGH! So I’m stuck here.
  I walked in a bit until I found a small area asking for volunteers. What else can I do with my time? I walked up to the stand to find a very bubbly girl around in her late 20s or early 30s.
  “I was wondering if I could volunteer for whatever this is.” I stated.
  “Sure sweetie. We are asking for volunteers to read to a few homeless kids. They will be here at 3:30. Do you mind?”
  Yay! I loved children! They are always just so adorable! “Sure!” I said. She handed me a couple of books and I sat down in the middle of the town center to where I would be reading. A lot of people were staring at me and a few sat their children down to listen too once they came. By the time the children came, there were about 20-30 people watching. I began the first book, Lily’s Purple Plastic Purse, and they seemed to really be enjoying it. As I was about halfway through the book I noticed Louis and Eleanor (in a pair of dark sunglasses to block the fans out) stopping. I waved to them with their confused looks on their faces. They were probably confused on where Harry and Taylor were. Oh well.
  I continued to read a few more books before they had to go. The helper lady made them all give me a hug and she even got my email address in case she needed more help. Maybe this is how I could spend my summer.
  Eleanor and Louis walked up to me soon after and asked where Harry was.
  “Oh well, after you guys left Taylor wanted to go by themselves so I’ve been alone for about 2-4 hours now,” I said.
  “I’m so sorry!” Eleanor apologized.
  “It’s ok I knew it was going to happen,” I stated.
  “How?” Louis asked.
  “I saw Harry’s texts while he was driving. He said he would just ditch me,” Eleanor gave me another hug and so did Louis. Did they really think I cared? I mean I guess it hurt but honestly I was used to it.
  “Do you wanna come with Louis and I?” she asked. I quickly agreed and we walked off to Starbucks. The lady in there immediately remembered me.
  “Nice to see you again Brooklyn!” the quirky girl greeted. Apparently, she was also the barista along with the stage manager. “Did you want to sing again?” she asked.
  “No, I’m just here with my...” I didn’t know to say friends or not since I just met them.
  “Friends,” Eleanor cut in. Phew! I smiled at her letting her know I was thankful for that. She nodded back. We ordered our drinks. When we sat down Louis broke the silence.
  “You sang?” he asked.
  “Um ya they offered people to sing so I did!” I replied.
  “Ooo do it again!” Eleanor told me.
  “No that’s ok! A bunch of people got it on video I can just get that.” I said walking over to the counter to get the video the barista took of all the volunteers. I brought it back to Louis and Eleanor and let them watch it from my awesome volunteer (which they laughed at) until I walked off the stage.
  “Wow Brooklyn! You’re really good!” Louis said after the replay button appeared showing us it was over.
  “Ya!” Eleanor agreed. “But...” But? But what? “I want to still see it live!” she laughed obviously noticing how nervous I was. “Please!” she begged.
  “Fine!” I laughed as I walked back to the barista and got the mic from her. What to sing? What to sing.... OH I got it! I whispered over to the piano man my song choice and he agreed to it. I went back to the middle of the stage. The piano started to play as I waited for my turn to sing.
  “Something always brings me back to you. It never takes too long. No matter what I say or do. I still feel you here till the moment I’m gone. Set me free. Leave me be. I don’t wanna fall another moment into your gravity!” I sang. (Gravity by Sara Bareilles)
  After I finished the song, I got another loud round of claps as I hurried off the stage.
  “Wow! You really ARE good!” Louis said emphasizing the are.
  “Thanks,” I mumbled. We left starbucks when we got swarmed by a group of fans that seemed to recognize Louis. They were asking questions like ; what are you doing in the US?, who’s she?, and Want me to  buy you some carrots?
  That took a while and afterwards we went to find Harry. Louis texted him a couple times before actually giving a reply saying Taylor didn’t want to shop so they went back to his place.
  So they left me for no reason?

Louis POV

  My phone buzzed as I pulled it out from my back pocket. It was a text from Harry.
  Hey BooBear! Sorry I haven’t been answering your texts Taylor took my phone :( Taylor refused to shop so we went straight home. She left just about 5 minutes ago. I’m at home. See ya soon - Harry
  What? He left to shop with Taylor but actually went home? I saw Brooklyn peek over my shoulder and I knew she would be upset they left her to go shopping but actually left her for no reason.
  You left Brooklyn here by herself? We just met the girl for gods sake! Damn it Harry you screwed up bad this time. But you probably don’t even care. Ugh Harry!! - Boobear
  I’m sorry! I didn’t want to! - Harry
 She saw it in your texts though! Don’t lie to me mister! - Boobear
 Oh, can’t explain that - Harry :)
 You should feel like shit... do you know what she’s been doing all day? - Boobear
 No what? - Harry :)
  First she went to starbucks and volunteered to sing for them since she was so bored, then she shopped BY HERSELF like a loner, then she got so bored she volunteered to read to a bunch of homeless kids and the entire mall almost! - Boobear
  … - Harry
  GTG Harry. Talk to you at dinner - Boobear
  Love you...- Harry
  Uhhh love you too - Boobear

  I shut off my phone and slid it back in my pocket, doing a fast paced walk to catch up with Eleanor and Brooklyn. They seemed to be getting along really well and I knew that Brooklyn would soon be introduced to Danielle, even though Liam and her aren’t still dating. We always kept in touch with Danielle.
  We kept shopping for a while, getting stopped by fans, when we decided to waste time and go see a movie. The only movie actually worth watching was This is 40 so we bought 3 tickets to that. I sat by Eleanor and Eleanor sat to the right of Brooklyn, leaving an empty space beside Brooklyn.
  “Oh thanks guys! Leave me to sit by the random stranger...” she said sarcastically. Eleanor and I just laughed. “No seriously guys, I’m scared of everything... people scare me...” The commercials went by for about 5 minutes when a man in a leather jacket and tight skinny jeans came and sat down by Brooklyn.

Brooklyn POV
  As I was watching the preview for Despicable Me, a man, about in his 20s, came and sat down by me. He was obviously a biker, in his leather jacket and dark skinny jeans.
  “Hey,” he said. My head jolted towards Eleanor who hadn’t seemed to notice.
  “Um hi,” I stuttered trying to avoid eye contact.
  “How about we leave this joint and have our own fun?” he said with a smirk plastered on his face.
  “No, uh I’m staying here with my friends...” I mumbled again.
  “No, you are coming with me,” he said as he grabbed by hand and pulled me towards him. I screamed loud enough for Eleanor to realize what was happening. Her eyes filled with terror as the man pulled me up on his shoulders.
  “HELP!!!” I yelled getting the attention of everyone. I kicked and punched the man trying to get out of his reach but it didn’t work. No one knew what to do. No one moved. Only Louis. The man zoomed out of the movie theatre with Louis hot on his trail. He shoved me his car as Louis punched and kicked the car door. I saw Louis look to the ground as he found a good sized rock and he threw it at the window. Glass flung everywhere at me. Blood was everywhere, mostly because I forgot to duck the rock. Everything was going black and the last words I heard were his “I’m sorry Brooklyn,”

------------Authors Note----------------------
Hey guys! It’s Brooklyn! Wanna know who said the last words??? Well to bad! I know Im mean!!! Guess what???? Guess who I talked too!!!!!!!????? Daisy Tomlinson!!!!! Yup I know I’m cool like that! I kiked her. She’s such a cute little girl and super awesome!! Love you guys BYE

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