Heres A Tip

Brooklyn was an ordinary girl. Noting special. She was still in school and she was struggling to pay for her self after her mom passed away. It was just her dad and herself and her little brother Carter. One day she has a few special guests visit her at her job Subway. When one of them slips their phone number in the tip bin she cant believe it and she doesnt.


1. One...Two...Three...Click

   Brooklyn's POV     

     I woke up to the sweet music of Micheal Bublé's song "Everything". I got out of bed moaning not wanting to get up but I had to get to work. Ya, I'm seventeen and schools out so I need a way to make money. I hopped in the shower now awake as the warm water poured over me. I stopped the water and hopped out grabbing the biggest, fluffiest towel I could. I looked through my closet for my Subways 'Eat Fresh' uniform on and my black vans and headed out the door. My work was only a couple blocks away so I decided to walk today. I needed the fresh air anyway. The sun was shining brightly and all the birds were chirping. It seemed like such a perfect day. It was warm and I could feel the sun against my tan skin. The wind was blowing but it was more like a breeze though it still felt good as it blew through my dirty blonde hair. I walked into the store and took a big breath in smelling the nice welcoming scent of Subway. 

     "Hey Brian, you here?" I yelled out. 

     "Ya, Im in the back! Just get set up. K?" Brian, my co-employee, yelled back.

     "K" I grabbed my hat from the side of the cabinets and slid it on. I started washing my hands then I waited for the first customers. Many people came in, about 30 or so. It was about 8 pm, closing time. I was about to lock the door when a few more people came in. "Im sorry but we ar- " I quickly shut up after I looked up seeing that it was all 5 guys from One Direction. I felt like I wanted to scream or faint or cry AHHH!!!! 

     "Um... Hi" Liam said. 

     "Hi. Did you guys want a sandwhich?" I stumbled out of my mouth.

     "YES PLEASE!" Niall screamed. I laughed at that and got all the guys's orders and brought them out to them.  They ate for a while and eventually Brian came out. He was holding a container full of cheese but once he saw the guys from One Direction he dropped it making the cheese spread out everywhere. He ran up to them shocking a few and asked for there picture with him. 

     "It would be so good for our store. I would hang it up here and frame it and make a plaque or something. PLEEEEAAAASSSSE!" he begged.

     "Sure, man, why not?" Louis agreed. Brian went to grab his camera and I couldn't help but noticing Niall smiling and staring at me. 

     "Will you hold this and take picture of us, Brooklyn?" Brian asked me. I kind of felt upset I wasn't going to be in the picture but I agreed giving Brian a half smile. 

     "On three. One...Two....Three" ....Click. I snapped the shot and everyone looked at it. We had one of those old cameras that automatically prints the picture so we immediantly put it on the wall.  

     "Um.. Excuse me.., Brooklyn?" I turned around and Niall was shyly smiling at me.I mean OH MY GOSH Niall Freaking James Horan was right in front of me SMILING. 

     "Ya?" I asked.

     "I was wondering if I could get a picture with you," He stopped but looked as if he was trying to find a reason why. He continued again "Since you werent in the last one and I felt really bad,"  He finished. Niall Horan from one direction wanted a picture of me. A PICTURE OF ME!!! 

     "Ya sure," I replied calmly. He grabbed the camera from off the counter and placed it in front of us. "One...Two...Three" Click it snapped the photo. I took out my phone and asked to get one with my phone and he agreed. We quickly snapped another photo and went back to the group. 

     "Well, see ya later!" Louis said taking out a five dollar and putting it in the tip jar. They all followed and within the next few seconds they were gone. I unlocked my phone and looked back at the photo Niall and I had taken and just smiled.

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