Nobody Compares

Katie and Tori are two very lucky girls who get VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert. But when theyre not allowed in, they try their best to sneak in. And thats when fate lets them meet their idols.


5. ~Chapter 5~

I blinked and was completely speechless. Did i hear him correctly? He said our tickets were fake. "Tori, what do we do now?" I say, tears already starting to form in my eyes. I quickly dab at my eyes so that others won't see me crying. I feel like I'm being a bit over dramatic but I really really wanted to see my idols and now i wont be able to. Don't blame me for feeling upset and wanting to cry.

"C'mon Katie, let's go," Tori said and grabbed my arm, dragging me away from the line.

"But- We're just leaving? That's it? We're not even gonna try and get it?" This was so not like Tori. Usually she does whatever possible to get what she wants.

"Yes. We're leaving now Katie, there's nothing we can do."

Tori raised her voice, and everyone around us could hear.

"What are you doing??" I asked her, confused.

"We're leaving," she winked at me playfully as if saying just play along!

"Fine," i replied, still unsure of what she was planning.

We kept walking until nobody was staring at us anymore. Tori, still grabbing my arm, whisper shouted, "Go, Katie, go! Follow me!" And she ran off to one side of the arena.

"Tori! What are you doing?? Are you trying to sneak in through a side door, because if you are then i hope you know that we could get arrested for that!" I began panicking. I wanted to get in the concert, but i didn't want to get in trouble.

"Calm down Kate. We'll be fine." Tori assured me.

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