Nobody Compares

Katie and Tori are two very lucky girls who get VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert. But when theyre not allowed in, they try their best to sneak in. And thats when fate lets them meet their idols.


4. ~Chapter 4~

"Tori did you see that??" I asked her. "See what?" She questioned. "Did you not see that Harry winked at me?" "No.." She responded. "Oh well i probably just imagined it." I said. It was 6:45 and we were already in line for the concert which started at 7:00. We were about 30 people away from the entrance. "Katie i still cant believe that we're here!! This is going to be the best day of my life!" "I know, im still shaking! Cmon Tori its almost our turn to give in our tickets" i told her. "Ok" she said as she took them out of her purse. I grabbed them and examined them once again. They were just so beautiful! These were the tickets that would allow us to see our 5 amazing boys. But as i looked closer, i noticed a strange logo on the corner of the ticket. I tried to read it but it was too small. I gave up and paid more attention to the guy behind the counter and handed him our tickets with a huge smile on my face. "Here you go and have funn...wait a minute" he was handing them back but now hes scanning it over and over again. "Is there a problem?" I asked. "Uh this scanner isnt reading your ticket. Im gonna have you wait right over there until management comes to help." He pointed to a small spot in the side. We stood there for a while and i swear my heart stopped beating. "Tori what are we going to do? This is a nightmare!" "Tell me about it. But my question is that why arent those tickets scanning?" She said. "I dont know but i hope they fix the problem. And fast." We waited there for what felt like twenty hours until two men came and talked to the guy with our tickets. I tried to hear their conversation with no luck. Finally, one of them came up to us with our tickets and said "We're sorry but these tickets aren't valid. You most likely purchased them from a website with fake tickets. Sorry for the inconvenience." And then he handed back our tickets and walked away. I couldnt believe my ears.

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