Nobody Compares

Katie and Tori are two very lucky girls who get VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert. But when theyre not allowed in, they try their best to sneak in. And thats when fate lets them meet their idols.


3. ~Chapter 3~

The car ride went by really fast. Mom stopped at Wendy's and got us sandwiches to bring in our purses for lunch at the concert. But time flew, and suddenly we were in front of the arena. "You girls have a good time!" Mom said. "Thanks mom!" I yelled as i jumped off the car and ran off. We both ran as fast as we could towards the arena. We could hear tons of girls screaming excitedly which made me and Tori even happier. We finally got to the entrance of the arena and looked around. There was about 100 girls waiting there. Not that much, it could be worse, i thought. "So where do you think their tour bus is coming through?" Tori asked. "Hmm not sure. Lets ask someone" i said. We walked to a lady in black that was talking into a walkie talkie. She had a black leather jacket and it said 'SECURITY' on the back. "Um excuse me miss, but do you know where One Direction's tour bus comes through?" I said politely. "Over there" she pointed to an empty parking space that was almost completely hidden with trees and bushes and it was far from where we were standing. "Don't tell all your friends, we don't want them to gather up and make a big crowd. They'll be arriving at around 11:30 so you have plenty of time." "Oh ok thanks for all your help" i told her. Tori checked her watch. "Its 10:00 already. We have an hour an a half." "Well we better start walking. But you heard the security, we can't make it obvious that we know where they are parking." We started walking but we pretended to look around to hide our knowledge. "Omg Tori i really can't believe this is actually happening! It seems like just yesterday we were hearing What Makes You Beautiful on the radio for the first time and wondering who those wonderful voices belonged to." "I know. This feels like a dream!" Now, we were only a few feet away from the spot. It was 10:45. Wow time is going by so fast today! I wanted this day to last forever. As we got closer to the spot, we noticed the big bunch of security guards there. They weren't on duty, they were all sitting on beach chairs with soda cans and they were talking and laughing. We reached the parking lot and were surprised that there weren't any gates or ropes to hold back the fans. "Katie lets go over to that spot in the shade" Tori said. We walked there and sat down. Boy, that was a long walk. "Hey im getting a little hungry, can you pass me my sandwich from your bag?" I asked her. "Yeah i was just thinking the same thing" she said as she handed over the cheeseburger. We ate happily for a while. I was on my phone checking my texts in case i got any messages, when suddenly the security guards all stood up at once and started making a passage way as if someone was going to come in. Tori and I both had startled looks and when we looked back up, we heard the sound of an engine and a smile came on my face. I tried looking for their bus but i couldnt see it anywhere. Then Tori said "Look!!" And she was staring into the distance. I looked to where she was looking and saw a small tour bus coming toward us. Eeeepp! I thought as i stood up and got closer. The bus was very close now and i could tell that it was a big red bus. Then it was right in front of us. Neither me or Tori said a word because we just stood there speechless. Our idols were in that bus right infront of us! It was driving past us really slow. Then as i looked deeper, i could see 5 flawless faces on top of the bus. The bus slowly parked right in front of us. Then the boys all got out and the security surrounded them as they walked. We both ran to get as close as we could but there were so many guards. Then, some guards left because they were almost inside the side door of the building. I could see Harry's head and his breath-taking curly brown locks that fall perfectly into place. I kept looking at him and he turned around and saw me! Im not sure if i imagine it, but im pretty sure he winked at me.

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