Nobody Compares

Katie and Tori are two very lucky girls who get VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert. But when theyre not allowed in, they try their best to sneak in. And thats when fate lets them meet their idols.


2. ~Chapter 2~

I woke up to the chorus of What Makes you Beautiful by One Direction. What a wonderful way to wake up! I never get tired of that song. I stared at my clock and it read 5:30 AM. "Why so early??" I thought as i yawned. Then as i was about to go back to sleep, my eyes shot open. I ran out of bed with a big smile on my face. I wasn't paying attention to where i was walking and almost tripped on my shoes. I couldn't believe it! Today was such an important day, how could i forget?? I was about to dial Tori's number but she beat me to it. "Hello?" I said into my phone. "EEEEEP KATIE!!!" She yelled so loud that my ears were ringing. "Tori! I know you're excited, i am too! But you don't have to shout right in my ear!" "Ok whatever I'm sorry. Im coming over like right now ok?" "Kay" I walked to my bathroom and brushed out my hair. Everyone says that my hair is gorgeous but all i see is a knotty mess. My hair is long and wavy and an auburn color. Its dark on the roots and then at the tips it gets lighter but thats my natural hair color. When i finished brushing my hair, i went back to my room and waited for Tori to come. I didn't even open the door for her. She just stormed in my house an into my room with a huge grin planted on her face. We both stared at each other just smiling. Then all of a sudden we just ran and fangirled for a while. "Lets go and make our shirts now" Tori said. "Ok" i agreed, and grabbed the white shirts, along with tons of markers and glitter. Oh my god, i swear. Victoria is an amazing artist! She drew all their five flawless faces on her shirt. Compared to mine, which just has a scrawly '1D' written on it. On the back, i wrote their names, and most of their songs. "Ugh it came out terrible!" Tori whined. I just sat there with my mouth wide open. "What are you talking about?! Its perfect" "Really? She said with a smile. "Yes, now stop showing off your shirt!" I said and frowned. "Hey its already 8:17 we should go have breakfast" i said. We went to my kitchen and the tv was on. "KATIE TURN THE VOLUME UP!" I did as i was told and stared at the television. The reported was saying that the arena is already starting to get filled with screaming fans that are crying, singing, laughing, and running all over the place. "What? Its already getting filled?" I said, "We need to get going!" We finished breakfast fast and i yelled, "MOOM LETS GOO!" My mom rushed down the stairs and said, "you girls all set?" We just smiled back. "Ok then lets be on our way" I hopped into our mini van with Tori by my side. This day was going to be perfect. I could feel it.

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