Nobody Compares

Katie and Tori are two very lucky girls who get VIP tickets to see One Direction in concert. But when theyre not allowed in, they try their best to sneak in. And thats when fate lets them meet their idols.


1. ~Chapter 1~

"Tori when are you getting here?!" I exclaimed. "Hold up Katie I'm almost done getting ready! I'll be there in like a minute" "A minute?? These tickets go on sale in exactly 4 minutes and we have to be the first ones to get them!!" "I know i know", she said, "but calm down! I live right next door, i'll be there right now" "You better! If you're not here by the time they go on sale, I'm getting them without you! Either you get here NOW, or-". I was cut off because she hung up. There was a knock on the door. "Ugh finally!" Katie thought to herself. I opened the door anxiously and pulled my best friend inside. "C'mon Tori! Move your bum! These tickets go on sale in 27 seconds!!" We both ran to my laptop. "10-9-8-7..." Tori started to count down. "5-4-3-2.." I looked at her nervously. "1!!" I pressed 'Buy Tickets' as fast as my finger could possibly go and waited for whatever my computer would say. We waited for exactly 17 seconds, i counted, until my computer screen read: 'Purchase completed'. "YESS!!" We both cheered and danced around the room. "I can't wait until we actually get to meet the one and only...ONE DIRECTION!!" She shouted. "Me neither!!!" For the rest of the day, we just blasted One Direction's only album, Up All Night, on full volume and enjoyed the day. It was filled with tons of pressure but it was worth it. We were going to meet One Direction. This could change our lives forever.

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