You Love Me?

Kaileigh and Jay were just two normal best friend....Except Kaileigh was in love with Jay....the only problem was Jay had a girlfriend.But one day,when Kaileigh tries to kill herself,something good happens....You will have to read to find out..


6. You Are Safe

Jay's POV

I could hear my mom pounding on the door.I got up.She said that there is a bad storm heading our way so we needed to go to a storm cellar.I picked Kaileigh up.She was still asleep. I held her close to me.Thank God our cellar was safe.It had beds,food,first-aid kits,and water. I layed Kaileigh on a bed.My mom was panicking."Mom it is ok.We are safe."I said.My mom has been terrified of storms her whole life.She finally went to sleep.I turned on the tv we had in there.I sat on the couch.Kaileigh had woke up and came to sit by me."Hey babe."I said."Hi Jay."Kaileigh said.She laid her head in my lap.I placed my arm around her.I could tell she was worried."You are safe."I said.She looked up at me.I kissed her.She smiled.Kai and I fell asleep.The storm passed.

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