You Love Me?

Kaileigh and Jay were just two normal best friend....Except Kaileigh was in love with Jay....the only problem was Jay had a girlfriend.But one day,when Kaileigh tries to kill herself,something good happens....You will have to read to find out..


4. Wait,What!

Kaileigh's POV

I sat on my bed thinking about Jay.Then everything else came to my mind.I have been depressed.I am bullied by 8 people.I have 3 diseases.My sister hates me.Speaking of my sister here she comes.Again she told me that I was horrible,weird,sucked,and ugly.I have had enough.I ran down to creek called Sugar Creek.It was like 9:30 pm so it was dark.Crap.I just remembered Jay was coming over.I heard him screaming.I had tears running down my face. The creek was deep and had a strong current.I was going to kill myself.I jumped off the ground.Then I felt someone's hands on my waist.They pulled me back.I fell into their arms.It was Jay."Kaileigh!What were you doing!"Jay screamed."I was going to kill myself Jay."I replied.Jay was holding on to me."Why?!"Jay yelled."Because of everything."I said.I have already told Jay about the things."Oh Kaileigh."Jay said in a calm matter."I care about you. Why would you want to leave me?" "I am sorry Jay...I just got tired of everything." Everything was quiet.I was crying inside Jay's arms.But then I felt him kiss me....oh my god...he just kissed me on the lips....wait...why...does he like me..I looked at him."I love you." Jay said.Wait,what!Did he just say he loved me?Yep...he did...I was in complete shock."I love you too Jay."I said."Kaileigh,would you be my girlfriend?" "Yes Jay!" I hugged Jay.He smiled..

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