You Love Me?

Kaileigh and Jay were just two normal best friend....Except Kaileigh was in love with Jay....the only problem was Jay had a girlfriend.But one day,when Kaileigh tries to kill herself,something good happens....You will have to read to find out..


2. I Love You

Kaileigh's POV
I wonder why Jay did that for me. I really love him. I do, but I am afraid that he won't like me back. And if he doesn't, I will look like a fool asking him if he does. I wanted to hug him before class, but I didn't. At music class I was happy to sit by him. But I was also still depressed because on break I was bullied again. We had to chose partners for a singing project we had. I was the only the one left though. "I will just go by myself." I said. Then Jay ran over to me. "I will be her partner." Jay said. He took my hand. I smiled and blushed a little. You could see the anger in Sydney's eyes.... Oh well.... See if I care. She was always rude. Haha... She got paired up with Joe. Jay seemed to laugh to himself about it... Ha....
Jay's POV
I didn't want Kaileigh to be alone so I decided to be her partner. She was really happy about it too. That made me smile a little bit. I wonder if she likes me. Because I love her.
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