You Love Me?

Kaileigh and Jay were just two normal best friend....Except Kaileigh was in love with Jay....the only problem was Jay had a girlfriend.But one day,when Kaileigh tries to kill herself,something good happens....You will have to read to find out..


3. Author's Note

I never described the characters so I will...

Jay:Full Name-Jaylen Patrick Crull-Age-17-Looks-Short,spiky,brown hair,brown eyes,6 pack

Kaileigh:Full Name-Kaileigh Brooke Hybarger-Age-17-Looks-Long,curly/wavy,blonde hair,crystal,ocean blue eyes

Sydney:Full Name-Sydney Ruth Bigger-Age-16-Looks-Medium red hair,blue eyes

Those are just the main characters.They all are in 11th grade.


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