You Love Me?

Kaileigh and Jay were just two normal best friend....Except Kaileigh was in love with Jay....the only problem was Jay had a girlfriend.But one day,when Kaileigh tries to kill herself,something good happens....You will have to read to find out..


1. You....

Jay's POV

Darn...summer is over...that sucks...oh well...I haven't seen my best friend Kaileigh in awhile...All I ever did was spend time with my girlfriend Sydney.I wish I could find Kai...There she is...I honestly don't know why I don't date Kai...she is very pretty and sweet and smart...I could continue forever...I finally walked up to her."Hey Kai."I said giving her a hug."Hey Jay."Kaileigh said.She let go of me once she seen a glimpse of Sydney.I think I am going to break up with her today."I don't care about her Kai...I missed you."I said.Kaileigh finally hugged me.Sydney stomped over to us and pulled Kaileigh off of me."God Kaileigh.He is my boyfriend...Get your own."Sydney said."Sorry Syd..."Kaileigh said almost in tears."You know what Sydney.I am breaking up with you."I said."But...but...why?"Sydney asked."You have bullied Kai and you are mean.Good bye."She ran off to Meghan.I looked back over at Kaileigh who was smiling."Thanks Jay."Kaileigh said."Your welcome."I replied.I ran to class. 


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