Sarah's Journal

This is a diary/journal about an 18 year old girl named Sarah. It's about all her thoughts and experience in life. She has a bratty little brother named, Luke, and has the cutest sister named, Kylie. She meets 1D and becomes best friends with one of them. But she has a BFF named, Clara, once Sarah meets 1D, she forgets all about Clara. Clara is not a fan of 1D, she was honest that 1D sucks. Sarah was so sad when she heard that, but they're still good friends. Read Sarah's journal to find all this!

*Btw, this is not a non-fiction fanfic. IT IS ALL FICTION!


1. This is Me

                                                                                                                                                                         November 15, 2012


Dear diary,

I DON'T CARE IF I'M WRITING IN A DIARY!!! I mean I just want to write all my feelings here, and also, what happens in my life. I might be busy, so I won't write everyday. I am talking to myself, but actually, I'm talking(maybe writing) to my diary, or as I call journal. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! My bratty little brother Luke, who is 9 years old, just barged in my room like it's his. DEFINITELY NOT!!! He's asking if I have his stupid baseball glove, why would I take it?! I mean I know I hate him, but would I steal his glove? I'm pretty sure he lost it, I mean he is so disorganized! UGHH! But I so love my little sista, Kylie. She is so much better than Luke. I mean this morning guess what she said?!

"Good Morning, Sarah. Mom made pancakes, I have to go, so, have a great day!" Said my little sister this morning.

She is like, the sweetest girl in the entire world. But it's not like I know every girl, I'm totally not that popular. But my favorite boy band, One Direction, is totally POPULAR! I so love them! They're so popular!!! Ugh, I have to go. Bye my diary/journal!

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