oh my god

sydney never expected to see Zayn walking around Philly but when she did she knew something was going on. she had never met him before but felt a spark when she saw him. will this be true love or true hate?


1. Downtown Philly

Sydney's pov


Great another day in Philly nothing says fun like this, i said to myself.  Ow watch it! oh my god, i said to myself.  a guy in a hoodie jeans and high tops just passed me, he briefly looked up to say sorry and i knew who it was.  i just ran into Zayn Malik the Zayn Malik the guy who is on every teenage girls wall, the guy who is in only the hottest boy band ever and i ran into him.  i followed him down the street into a little coffee house. once he ordered i sat next to him.


Zayn's Pov


Oh my god she is gorgeous, i said to myself.  in walked a girl about my age with carmel brown hair crystal blue eyes and a smile that could light up a pitch black room.  i looked up and smiled just looking at her i felt a spark.  hi i said, "hey sorry i came in but i just" its fine i said i feel the same way about you.  she stood there puzzled i looked in the napkin holder to check if something was in my teeth.  then it hit me I'm Zayn Malik.  i like you oh im sorry i didn't catch your name.


Sydney's Pov


its sydney i said faintly and i like you too a lot.  it feels like i felt sparks with you like i never have before i said.  all the sudden he leaned in and from then on i forget what happened.

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