She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


8. Two months later

Kayla was still planning out our wedding with the help of our good friends the boys and their girlfriends. Louis and Haley, Mary and Harry, Zayn and Ansley, Lacey and Liam. Of course they where Kayla's bride-maids and maid-of-honor, and groom's man and then there's the best man. We still havent said who's who yet but we told them we let know soon, the girls where here at the house with Kayla looking at wedding stuff and the boys where here with me so I wouldnt have to be called in another room 24/7 to see what color or what suite I wanted. " Thank you guys for coming I told Kayla I love her but I dont know anything about weddings, only that I needed to be there and get married " I told the guys " Now Niall you do know you have to put something effort in the wedding other words your in the dog house " said Louis " Trust me I have Haley, I know, because the other day I wasnt putting effort in watching a movie or so she says and when I told her was texting Harry so she got mad and she told me to sleep on the couch  for the night " " Well did you Louis " Harry asked already knowing the answer " No I told her I was the man of the house, and so I was staying in my bed " Louis said proudly " Is that so " asked Liam who had crossed his arms and looked at Louis " Well, some of it was true " " And you slept on the couch didnt you " asked Liam with a grin on his face " yes " Louis mumbbled " Thats what I thought " said Liam who shook his head. " So you think you could do better " asked Louis towards Liam " I know can and do " Liam said as he looked off in space " See Lacey knows what I want and I know what she wants, its like we read eachothers mind " Liam said and then looked at Louis who was looking at him stuiped like. " Oh we understand each other " Louis said messing with Liam " We read each others minds, come on, man up this aint Twlight, what are doing to do sparkle for her " Its better than being in the dog house, and for real Louis you gave Haley a carrot on her birthday " " Well thats not all I gave her " Louis said sassing Liam " A carrot Louis, and I dont think you need to be giving Niall advice on anything when it comes to women " Liam said looking at Louis in a devilsh way " Liam dont make bring out my spoon " Louis says trying not to laugh but both him Liam and me and Harry couldnt but help to laugh. " Well then I guess it leaves me " Harry said "Alright Harry I've heard what they have to say so lets hear it " I said  " Okay, well see I treat marry as a cat " " WHAT " we all asked  " Oh man your worse than Liam. Man dont tell me she's purrs for you " Louis said falling out of his chair onto the floor laughing. " NO!! I treat her with care and love " Harry said smiling his cheeky smile, " Oh shh cat-man what do you know " Louis finally says. Later Zayn and Ansley come in the house and Zayn sees Louis on the floor and looks at Harry an shakes his head " You said something about cats didnt you " Zayn said and Harry just smiles and puts in head down as Louis replays what just happen and starts to laugh again. Ansley went to where Kayla and the girls where. " Hey guys what could our girls be talking about " I asked because Ansley didnt even come in and say hey to any of us really, none of the girls did either. " There's no telling " said Zayn " They probbly talking and gossiping " said Liam.

In the next room~Kayla's Pov~

" Oh there's Ansley " said Lacey and jumped up and hugged her and Ansley made her way around to everyone and hugged us. " So what are doing " asked Ansley " Where just talking and help plan Kayla's wedding " said Mary, " Ohh yea, sorry forgot " Ansley said " Its okay, honey are you okay " I asked Ansley who had the biggest smile on her face I've ever seen. " Umm I have to tell you guys something, Im pregnant yall " Ansley says jumping up and down " OMG!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhh" all us girls scream " We're so happy for you " and we come together in one huge hug. The guys over heard us scream and ran in to see if everything was okay and then it hit  Zayn what Ansley told us girls. " Oh yea guys I forgot to tell you, Im going to be a daddy " Zayn said with a big smile and Louis wraps his arm around Zayn and looks at us girls, smiles and the guys wrapped their arms around us girls who are still in one huge hug and join the group hug and we all laughed and tell Ansley and Zayn how happy we all where for them. Me and Niall went to bed that night holding each other tight " Babe you know I love you and Im sorry I havent been into all this wedding planning but ima try and do my best " Niall said to me I could see the passion in his eyes " Yes baby and dont worry im not gonna put you in the dog house " I said and winked at him " Oh you heard that huh " Niall said giggling " Yea a little bit " I said and feel asleep in Nialls arms watching a t.v.

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