She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


4. Together again!

" Baby im on my way, tell your mom I hope I get some of the banana cream cake befor your dad eats it all " I told Kayla while I had her on the phone. " Baby she'll be glade to hear that, and you know my mom loves you so much that she always bakes two cakes one for you and one for daddy" Kayla said her voice sounded so weak, I know she's been stressing out about the cancer her mom as. " Baby I'll be there soon I love you " " I love you too "I was on my way to Kayla's parent's house and I was dont with the tour and the boys all went to their houses and stuff, it was Thanksgiving week and we all needed cheering up, I wish there was some way I could fix this, no one should go through something bad like this.  I soon pulled up and saw Kayla's mom running out to meet me " Niall I've missed you so much, and Jonh (Kayla's dad) as missed his eating buddy " She said she look good for someone who had cancer but you could still tell that she had it, " I've missed you too and I do think I miss my eating buddy too" I said and we both laughed. Kayla's mom went back into the house and I started to get my things I wounder where Kayla was and then I felt arms wrap around me I turn around to see Kayla who eyes where puffy and her face was a little red, " Oh baby, I wish I could take this pain away but I cant" I said as I held her and kissd her cheeck. " Baby I've missed you so much and im glad your here. Its been so hard on mama and daddy I try to be strong for the both of them but I cant " " Kayla you shouldnt have to by yourself, Im here now and I'll  do all I can to help " I said and kissed once again and that got her to smile. " I love you baby " I told her " I love you too baby " she said kissing my back " Now lets go eat and daddy cant wait to see you, your all he ever talks about " She said with a big smile. We both giggled at the fact her parents loves me so much, as we came into the house Mr.Hark was there to meet me at the door, " Niall my eating buddy, your back about dang time son " he said with a smile then gave me a hug " John im here for you if you need me, let me know if I could do anything " I said as I hugged him back I watch tears form back into Kayla's eyes and then Mrs.Hark's eyes too. We all kinda just hugged each other and whipped the tears away and then went to eat. " The food is just as good as I remember " I said with food stuffed in my mouth " I know right and its even better with my eating buddy " Mr.Hark said and we both smiled as Kayla and her mom looked at us and shooked their heads. " Kayla I want to tell baby girl if you marry anybody Niall is the one" Mr.Hark said as Mrs.Hark agreed " Dad, mom, when the time is right I'll get married but untill then im fine the way I am, besides Niall's not going anywhere " Kayla said and whinked at me. " Good cause if he was to leave he'd move in with me " Mr.Hark said and smiled a playful smile. " You should all know Im not going anywhere I love you all to much to do that, I love Kayla with all my heart and she's my everything " I said and kissed Kayla on the lips and held her hand as we all came into the living room after we where done eating and Kayla helped her mom witht the dishes. After that me and Kayla hugged them goodbye and left for home and we where both so tired, " Niall baby I have something to tell you, So since we're having Thanksgiving dinner with my parents I thought it was only fair to have Thanksgiving lunch with your parents " Kayla with a big smile " REALLY BABY YOU MEAN IT " I asked Im so happy that Kayla thinks of others and not just herslef. " Yes baby I called your mom befor you came to the house and she said she thinks that  its a great idea and that she cant wait to meet me " Kayla said " Baby I love you soooo much and you'll love my mom and dad I know you'll love them too " I said and gave her a big kiss and picked her up and spun her around she was laughing " I love you too babe and im sure I'll love your parents " Kayla said and kissed me. We both got ready for bed and even though we wanted to make love to each other we both waited on the right time which was when we get married. We packed our things the this morning because the next day we will be on a plain on our way to meet my parents, Kayla's soon to be mother and farther in-law. I hope!

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