She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


5. Thanksgiving Day!!!

I wake up to see Kayla still sleeping with her head on my chest I kissed the top of her head and I looked at the clock thats by our bed we had to get up and start getting ready . Kayla woke up and smiled a sleepy smile she looks so beautiful when she wakes up in the mornings, she gives me a sweet kiss and gets up and takes a shower. When she's dressed and almost ready she starts cooking breakfest and then blow dries her hair, while I take a shower. When I get out and dressed we eat and finish getting ready I notice that Kayla hasnt said much to me " Babe are you okay your not talking all that much like you usually do " I asked her as I wrap my arms around her waste. " Yea baby Im just scared what if your mom and dad doesnt like me" " Baby how could thay not like you I love you and I know they will " " Are you sure Niall " " Baby im postive " I said to her as I kiss her neck. She smiled and kissed me and we headed out the door for the plain, as we enter the plain Kayla grabbed my hand and held on tight and didnt let go till she feel asleep on my shoulder. As we got off the plain I see my dad smiling at the fact we're here, I hugged him " Dad this my  girlfriend and the love of my life " " Yes, Kayla, my wife talked to you the other day " my dad said and grabbed Kayla into a hug " Yes, sir " Kayla said with a laugh " Well come on, lets go home and meet everyone " my dad said and grabbed Kayla and headed out the door with Kayla on one of his arms. Oh my I thought to myself, I hope Kayla didnt mind the fact that I told my dad I think she's the one so thats why he's acting this way maybe they think we're getting married I dont know I caught up with them and we headed to see my mom. Kayla had the biggest smile on her face the whole time as my dad told her everything he knew about the places in my home town, Kayla held my hand and all I could do was smile and think to myself  is she's the one. We pull up to my parents house and go inside " Niall baby your here " my mom says and hugs me " Mom I want you to meet Kayla my girlfriend " " Yes your the one who called me and wanted to come down, im so glad you did and its so nice to meet you and welcome to the Horan family sweetie " my mom said and hugged Kayla. " Thank you Mrs.Horan I love being here and getting to meet you " Kayla said with the biggest smile which made me smile, " Lets go and eat I met yall are starving " my mom said and took Kayla in the room where everyone else and told them who she was and all you could here was " She so beautiful Niall " and " Niall you hit the jack pot son " Kayla just smiled and met everyone and it was like she knew them forever she got along with everybody. " Well mom Im starving so can we eat now " I said because I was starving and the plain food wasnt good, after we ate I lost Kayla I looked every where for her but I still couldnt find her, as I enter the living room where my baby cousins where I see Kayla holding my 2 month old cousin, when I saw her with him in her arms I started to tear up and as she looked up at me and smiled I felt this powerful love swip across me and in that moment I knew Kayla was the girl for me. I walked over to her and sat down and gave her a kiss and right when we kissed my mom snapped a picture, we could here my family cheer us on as we kiss which made the both of us smile. My aunt came over and took the baby because it was time to feed him " Well Niall dont you think you Kayla need a baby " said my uncle " Now they're not even married yet " scolded my mom but me and Kayla both laughed and held each other tight, " When the time is right we'll have a baby but untill then I think we need to think about other things " said Kayla with smile " So yall are thinking about getting married and making a family " asked my aunt as she winked at us. " Well yea its crossed our minds once or twice " I said as I looked at Kayla who agreed with me " But Kayla do you want a family " " Yes I really want a family I love kids " " Well how many do you want " " Umm its really doesnt matter to me how many me and Niall have as long as I get to have kids with him and share that love and joy with him thats all I need " Kayla said and looked at me and smiled her sweet beautiful smile " And I love Kayla no matter so thats all we need is each other " I said and looked at clock " Well everyone me and Kayla got to go and catch a flight to her fokes place " I said " But we'll be black soon and maybe we can all eat together again and have more time with each other " Kayla said and gave everyone a hug and my mom the longest hug " Kayla I want you to know you can always come back here and see us even without Niall " my mom said " Well thanks mom " I said joking with her " Well baby sorry but I want Kayla to feel welcome " my mom said and smiled at Kayla " Thank you and I do feel welcome and I had a very good time here with all of you " Kayla said and we left the house and got on the plain to see Kayla's parents. As we come into their house we see Mrs.Hark putting the last plate of food on the table " Oh honey we thought you would never get here " she said and hugged us both " Is my eating buddy here " Mr.Hark said  " Yes daddy he's here " Kayla said and rolled her eyes with a smile. We finished eating and caught up on what the doctors said about Kayla's mom while Kayla and her mom wash the dishes. " Niall im not gonna lie, I love you like your my own but I think you Kayla should be getting married soon and what I cant seem to see is why havent you pop the question yet " Mr.Hark said  I looked at him and smiled " Im think about doing it soon sir, I've already got a ring picked out " I said to him he started laughing " Good im glad " he said and hugged me tight.

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