She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


2. Dinner with Kayla's dad

Kayla came out the her house where the boys and I where picking her up and she look so beautiful and amazing. She sat between me and Liam and txted her mom about us coming and her mom seemed to be happy and glad we all were coming. Her mom seems more of a nice person then her dad but I wouldnt dare say that to Kayla I dont want to hurt her feelings, as we pull up to this big house with pretty flowers and maids and stuff like that, I knew Mr.Hark was wealthy but not rich. Kayla got out and grapped my hand and held it tight I kissed her hand to let her know no matter what I wasnt leaving without her, She smiled and we all walked in. Its was beautiful inside, " Dad, mom, Im home I have my boyfriend and the rest of the band with me " She said and looked at me with her deep brown eyes that made my heart sink. " Kayla baby is that you come and give your mama a big old hug babygirl " I could hear Kayla's mom running towards her with her arms wide open, " Mama " Kayla said she sounded so happy to see her mom, Kayla let my hand go and ran to her mom and hugged her. " Mama I want you to meet One Direction, Harry, Liam, Zayn, Louis, and my boyfriend Niall " Kayla said and her mom came by hugged all of us and she held me tight and said in my ear " I know my husband can be a pain in the butt but that only means he likes you he even told me that today when he came home that he wanted Kayla to find a guy like you " as Kayla'a mom lets me go she told us to go in the living room and sit while she sets the table. " Mama let me help you " Kayla said and kissed me on the check and headed to help her mom, the guys and I sat in the living room and heard foot steps coming down the stairs and seen it was Kayla's dad. We all stood up and shooked hands and started talking about an tour in America again, and what we needed to do and start getting ready to leave in three months top. I felt bad because I dont want to leave Kayla but then again she does help with our music soo she could come with me I dont know I should talk to her about that. " Niall " Mr.Hark said " How do you like the house" " Its beautiful, I would love to have a house like this one day " I said  " Good, good cause one day you could have a house like this" He said not sure really want he ment by that. " Dinner ready " Mrs.Hark said and Kayla came in with a towle across her shoulder so it looks like she been cooking too, " Daddy I had just eough time to cook your banana cream cake " Kayla said " Honey you know you should have something like that for the boys here why treat our guess like that " Mr.Hark said laughing, is he trying to be funny or something ,me and boys started laughing. " Daddy " Kayla said and she held onto my arm and smiled at me. " Mr.Hark I dont know about that now Niall can eat anything " Liam said  " Is that so, well Niall you must come over agian, me and you can eat all we want" Mr.Hark said and laughed. " Will do sir " I said and smiled, I looked at Kayla who was looking at me with a big smile and kissed me on the check. Her mom was really sweet and liked all the boys and even Kayla's dad was coming out of his shell at work his seems really big and bad but really he was a funny, food eating guy and that was me too. I can tell Kayla is loveing the fact that her dad loves me or so I think he does he seems to love me anyway. After dinnner Kayla, the boys, and I said our good byes and headed home. I stayed with Kayla half the night, when I came into her house you can tell she kept up with the place very well she was like her mom and most everything, but she had her dad's tempt. I rememeber the she came in work one morning and got so made at her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her and she was mad for what seemed forever she was nice untill she would see him then she would want to go and rip his head off pluse they where together for 3 years so you know that must of hurt. " So how do you like my dad " Kayla said she sat in my lap on the couch and laid her head on my shoulder " I think he's great really he seemed to be more happy tonight than he didnt today at lunch " " Yea, only because he wanted to see if you where a player and when you stood your ground you reminded him of hiself and this was the first time daddy's ever laughed and cuted up with my boyfriend " " Really babe " I said that made me feel much better inside " Yes baby so whatever your doing babe keep doing it " " Im just being myself baby " I said she looked at me kinda weird, " What is it babe " I said " Thats the first time a guy has told me that he was being hiself " She smiled and closed her eyes and put her hand on my chest. " Babe would you want to come to on tour with me " I said " Yes baby you know I will " she said looked me and smiled, we had soft music playing and things got heated but we stopped because we both want to want till we were married to the right person. But Kayla doesnt see that I want her and that she's the right one for me. I love her!

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