She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


15. Baby we're having twins!!

I woke up to the smell of beacon filling the whole house I loved it when Kayla made breakfrest. " Morning babe " Kayla said smiling as big as ever " Whats the big smile for, I mean I love it when you smile like that but thats onlys when you have to tell me something " I said wrapping my arms around her rubbing her belly. " Lets eat first babe then I'll tell you " She said with a wink " Oh it must be something good then to have a wink " I said matching her wink. After breakfest I look at Kayla with the question in my eyes " I think I want to wait till tonight when everyone is around " Kayla said " Ugh baby please " I begged " No baby please wait till tonight " She said and I shook my head in agreement. Kayla went to get a shower so I started to get things ready for tonight and started to cook some things that we might like to have and lay out some finger food. Kayla soon comes out and smiles that big smile agian and I liked her this way she as a brighter glow and she seems to be happier if this news really makes her look like this I might not want her to tell me so she could stay this way. I hop in the shower and soon after night comes and the food is cooked and laid out and our family's and friends are coming in left and right, we eat and laugh and cut up alot " I miss these little get togethers " Louis says looking over to me and Kayla as her friends rub her baby bump and talk about names and the sex of the baby I watch Kayla light up every time she said babies and more babies. " I know mate " I said looking over to Louis " But tell me something is it just me or am I hearing Kayla say babies " I asked Louis who started to listen for the words babies. " Mate it seems to me your gonna be a daddy to alot of babies and you know how much Kayla loves kids we all do " Louis says putting a hand on my shoulder and smiling a cheeky smile. " Everyone can I have your attendtion please " Kayla says looking at our families " Niall babe will you come here please " She asked and sat me down in a chair in front of everyone " Babe what going on " I asked smiling a little, Kayla hands me a box with a big smile " Open it babe " Kayla says and I do as she says I open the blue box and see three pictures in there " What is this baby " I asked as every eye is on me while I look at the pictures " Wait this is our baby " I said smiling a really big smile and Kayla looks down and smiles " Look again baby " She says. I looked down and see the baby in two different postions and I as I look at Kayla who is looking at me I trun the other pictures over to see the third picture, I looked down and see two babies in the picture and my mouth shoots open and I look up to Kayla who is smiling big " Niall baby we're not having a baby we're having two babies, twins babe we're having twins " Kayla says almost jumping as our families and friends scream and congrats us. I stand up and pick Kayla up and kissed her with passion I sat her back down after spending her around I scream to the top of my lugs and jump into the boys arms who are just as happy if not happier than I am. I run to Kayla side as soon as everyone leaves and wrapp my arms around Kayla's belly and rub it singing to our babies " I love you daddy's little princesses " " How do you know their girls " Kayla asked " I just think about your beauty and think wow if my little princesses could look as amazing as their mom than I must be one heck of a guy " I said winking at Kayla who attacks my lips while smiling at me.

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