She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


16. 6 months later and a book for life! <3

Kayla's prov:

Niall is in the bed alseep and im taking my make-up off in the bathroom when I feel this brust of water below my feet, I look down to see that my water as broke, and then I feel this sharp pain go through my body I try walking slowly to the bathroom door " Niall " I say out loud, loud enough he should hear me and wake up but no he just lays there sound asleep " Niall James Haron " I yell to the top of my lugs as another sharp pain runs through out my body. I pick up the trash can and throw it on the bed " Niall get up " I yell and still no movement from Niall great I thought to myself. I pick up the next thing I could get my hands on and throw it at Niall again " Niall baby please " I yell as my brush hits Niall in the head making him move.

" Baby what is it " I asked feeling my head because that brush hurt " Babies " Kayla says " Yea what about the the babies " I asked looking around the bed at the trash can and the brush and other things that Kayla as thrown at me " BABIES " Kayla yells " OH MY GOD BABY YOUR IN LABOR " I yell and run to her side " YA THINK " Kayla yells back at me. " Come on lets go " I said and soon enough we were on are way when I hear Kayla scream " Niall hurry " " Babe we can only go but so fast " I get cut off by Kayla's scream " Niall you did this to me " She cries " Babe just breathe " I get cut off again by Kayla screaming " Dont you dare telling me to breathe " " But baby " I said almost laughing at her " Niall this isnt funny im in alot of pain " Kayla said " I know baby but I still think its funny cause we're making memories as we speak " I said looking over at her who had that expression on her face that said if you dont shut up I will shut you up myself which made me laugh even more.We pull up to the hospital and Kayla gets out quickly and heads towards the door while I get her bags and things the nurses meet us at the door with a wheel chair for Kayla and head towards the labor room. " NIALL NIALL I NEED YOU BABY " Kayla yells my name as I run to be by her side and hold her hand " Baby im right here im not gonna leave you " " I need you Niall " She says again and starts crying. 5 hours into labor Kayla and I have our beautiful baby girls our eyes lit up once we hear the first cry of each one which made Kayla cry even more. " Mr. and Mrs.Horan you hav two beautiful girls " the doctor said handing one to each of us, " Baby you where right they are girls " Kayla said laughing and crying at the same time as well as me " I know baby I have three of the most beautiful girls in the world " I said kissing Kayla. I look at both our babies with a head full of hair brown just like Kayla's and mine, with my nose, and the most beautiful set of blue eyes you've ever seen. Our family and friends come in soon after and the boys have bloons with heart shape boxes of chocolates and teddy bears with a picture of all of us. " Guys you didnt have to do this " Kayla said " Yes we did " Louis said smiling at Kayla and I taking our daughters Kayla was holding and the boys passed he around and then did the same with our other baby girl making me and Kayla laugh " Plus you two are like family so we did have to do it " Liam said  " So what their names " Harry asked  " Kabrey and Layla " Kayla said smiling " Two beautiful names for to beautiful girls " Zayn says holding Layla while Liam holds Kabrey. Days later we're at home and Im holding Layla while Kayla holds Kabrey, we're laughing and watching them sleep, kissing them, kissing each other, crying because of what we made, thanking God for beautiful baby girls, and Loving each one of them with every peace of our hearts along with each other.

" And thats the story of us " Niall said looking over to Kayla who had her head on his shoulder " I've heard it maybe a million times and I still fall in love with it over and over again just like I love you " Kayla said moving her old and wrinkled hand to his. Its their 50th anniversary and every year Niall reads her the story of them which he wrote himself for her and their kids. " I love you baby " Niall says " I love you too " Kayla says as their kids come through the door " Oh theres my babies " Kayla says and Kabrey and Layla with their husbands and their kids hug her and Niall. " Its good to see you " Niall says smiling " Its good to be back home daddy " Kabrey says and hugs her daddy even tighter as Layla puts her son down and hugs her mama " Grandma grandma lets go play " he says and hugs her legs while Kabrey's daughter hugs her grandpa's legs. " Okay baby lets go " Kayla says to her grandson and looks into his eyes that remind her of Niall's beautiful blue eye while Niall picks up his grandaughter and she smiles her pretty smile thats reminds him of kayla's. After while Kayla and Niall watch their family laugh and play, giggle, smile, and enjoy life.

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