She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


14. 3 months later

Its been 3 months later and Kayla's baby bump was showing and everyone was talking about me and her and our little one. " Babe when do you go back to the doctor " I asked Kayla as I watched her dress for the day, " In about 30 mins " Kayla giggled " Oh yea I forgot " I said with a selly smile on my face " I love you " Kayla said and placed a kiss on my forehead as I wrapped my arms around her waste and kissed her neck and rubbed her belly " I love the both of you baby you two are my life " I told her and she smiled her sweet beautiful smile. Later that day Kayla came home with pictures of our baby I couldnt go because of work and working on our new songs but Kayla understood and she always kept me updated on the baby's things and needs. " Boys would yall like to have dinner with me and Niall or do you have plans " Kayla asked the guys and Louis smiled " That would so wounderful love " and Harry agreed and called Mary his girlfriend which Mary was like Kayla's best friend and Harry told her to come over. " I wish I could love, but me and Ansley have other plans " Zayn said with a cheeky smile " I would love to stay besides Lacey's with her mum in Amercia " Laim said with a half smile " You did go with her " Kayla asked with her eyes wide " No she said that she missed her mum and wanted to spend some time with her family befor she started back work, I told her she could take as much time as she needed " Liam said and looked at his phone txting Lacey again " But you two didnt have a fight did you " Kayla looked worried " Oh no love I just think she's home sick " " Oh " Kayla said and looked me and smiled kissing my cheek. We had dinner and we all talked and laughed and had a wounderful time but Kayla wasnt feeling so well and looked sick " Babe are you okay " I asked her in her ear " Yea baby im fine " She lied. " Im off to bed guys I love you all and goodnight " Kayla said and forced herslef to smile I could read right through her, " Oh come on love " Harry said and Mary could tell there was something wrong just as I did. " Harry im tired too lets go home " Mary said still looking at Kayla walking to the bedroom she and I shared. Harry finally got what Mary was saying and so did Louis and Laim, " Yea im a little tired too Liam let me drive you home " Louis said and Liam agreed. As the boys left I looked back at my bedroom door and watched Kayla as I walked in, Kayla was laying on her side of the bed with her eyes close and listen to moments which she had on her bedside. She always loved music and had to listen to it thats one of the reasons I fell for her because she understood the lyrics and the meaning she understood me and what I wrote not to be making music but I was writing from my heart and she could see that and let the words take her to another world it seemed. I kissed her lips and I could feel her smile " Baby there's something bothering you I can see that " I said rubbing her belly. " I know there's seems like theres's somthing wrong but there's not " She forced herself to smile again and Istudied her face " Baby please tell me " I begged " I just found out somthing and im not sure how to tell you " Kayla said not evening looking at me " About the baby " I questioned " Yea " "Well babe tell me dont keep anything away from me " " I'll tell you soon okay just let me sleep on it " Kayla said and kissed my lips.

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