She could be the one!

Im Niall from One Direction, I fell in love with this beauty and I dont know how she feels about me. I love her so much, Zayn and the guys tell me to becareful and not to get ahead of myself but I love her and I hope she feels the same. She the most beautiful thing in the world! Hopefully she'll read this and fall for me!


1. Hope

" Man, I cant get her out of  head " I said to Harry and the boys, " Niall dont worrie Im sure she's feels the same " Zayn said as he and the others tell me the same thing over and over that she feels the same but I want to hear it from her not them. I know they mean well but still I need to hear it from her, her name was Kayla. We were at the studio and as I look up I see this beautiful women walk pass me and the boys, Louis gave me look to go and talk to her but I dont know she looks as if she as alot of things to do. She helps with our music and helps us in the studio she even sometimes goes on tour with us, I got up and walked over to her trying to play it cool I trip over my own feet and bump into her. " Im sorry I didnt mean to bump into you " I said and she looks at me with her sweet smile " Its okay Niall " she said and I helped her up " Soo I was wanting to know if you would like to go and grap lunch with me " I asked, as I grapped her hand and kissed it she smiled " Sure just let me go and put this in my office and I'll meet you here " " Well let me walk with you " I said and I could tell she liked that, she's so beautiful I hope she likes me. I looked back to the boys who were holding thums up and Harry winks at me and I roll me eyes. As we walked into the food court where me and boys usually get our food she looks over to me " Niall I have to tell you I love food " Kayla said, " ME TOO" I said as she laughed and pulled me to where the pizza was. She held onto my arm untill we got our food and ate, after that she grapped back on to my arm and lead to this booth where you took pictures at and she smiled and said " Lets take pictures " we got in the thing pulled the sheet back and posed for picture # one. On the screen it would tell you what to pose for and then you hit a button where it would snap your picture, when it came to the last picture it said to kiss, when I saw it I got this funny feeling in my belly. " We dont have to do this one if you dont want to " She said and I looked at her weird, " Didnt think you would want to" I said  " Okay Niall I have to tell you this I've had a crush on you since you came to my dad's studio to record yall's song" " I feel the same way " I said with a big smile and I could tell on her face she was happy because her smiled match mine and befor we knew it our lips touch and locked I suddenly felt these fireworks go off it felt so good so right that I know for sure now that I love her . We even forgot to hit the button that would take to the picture and so I hit the button and the thing started to go off, we both looked at the screen and it said that we were the # 1 couple of the week. She smiled at me and I smiled back, we went back to the studio after everyone we saw clapped for us and smiled at us. When walked in her dad was talking to the boys, " Hey there you are " her dad said as he looked at me and her, " Hey dad " she said and held on even tighter to my hand " Dad you remember Niall from One Direction" " Yes I do, your friends here young man where just telling me some of your joke and how well you can sing" her dad said  " Yes sir, and I fancey your daughter very much" I said with a smile. " I see, Niall let me tell you something I love my daughter very much and even though I know she's old eough to take care of hersellf she's my little girl and I dont like it when her heart gets played with so dont try me sonny" her dad sounded mean like when he said too " Sir let me tell you something Im not a player and when it comes to someone I care about I try not to say or do anything that we hurt them" I said standing my ground. " Kayla I hope to see you home into night for dinnner your mother is cooking some chicken, bring your friends and your boyfriend with you I think they should meet her mother" Her dad said and walked away.

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