Mystery Blood

Angel is your average 18 year old in the old town of Twin Groves. But when she moves to Hickory Ridge, and meets a mysterious boy with a mysterious past, she soon discovers that Hickory Ridge is like a horror story waiting to happen. But this mysterious boy, and his charms, soon have her heart divided.

Should she stay, or should she go?????

Book 1 of 3


1. Epilogue

As we walked along the moonlit beach, I felt the air go through my body in a wisp. The goosebumps on my arms became prominent, and I could almost feel their existence, even without touch. Our fingers intertwined, as we continued to walk slowly down the abandoned shore. We came across an illuminatus pavilion, and he slowly lead me up the creaky staircase. The paint crumbled in my hands, as I dusted off a part of the old staircase, whilst walking soundlessly around the outskirts of the pavilion. The distant howling of the wolfs of the prairie was not acknowledged by either of us. His hand still clasped mine, and his amber eyes were now focused silently across the prairie, to where the pack of wolves would still be standing. The golden flecks in his eyes reflected onto the rushing tide. The grasp of his hand reassured my nerves that I could trust him. The uncertainty was still in the air; mixed with feelings of emotive desire for this newfound vampire. In such a small town as Hickory Ridge, the population was dead; not as lively as my old home in Twin Groves. The wild vampire hunts, and wolf killings almost made this place famous. But for all the wrong reasons. Alex was yet to tell me why, in this small town, vampires would make such news. But I knew, that one day his secrecy would no longer be sworn by.
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