Music is my Life - (Sequel to 'Face the Music')

Julie had quite the eventful summer ever since she became friends with the five famous boys of One Direction. But with September around the corner again, Year 12 of school starts for her; and the boys are all leaving her hometown of Toronto to continue their world tour.

With so many relationships that were bulit upon this one summer, if it leaves, then will everything fall apart with it?

Can Julie and Niall prove that their love is stronger than a typical 'summer love' even under the watchful eyes of a threat sender; and a certain Harry Styles?

They say love can overcome anything...but is that still true for celebrities?

**SEQUEL to Face the Music - read that first if already haven't for better understanding**


2. Summer Love- Part 2

Julia's POV

**Two Weeks Later**

"I feel so dead right now!" I groaned flopping myself on my bed in front of Sky who was sitting on the chair by my desk; trying to file her nails professionally. "Why?" "Oh, I don't know. Maybe because I just finished another grueling day of exams in school. For crying out loud! Its just the beginning of the year and I have already done five fricking exams in every course I'm taking. Why does Year 12 have to be so work packed?!!" I flailed my arms and legs all over the place throwing a tantrum like a little kid.

"Hey, I survived through it; and so can you." She replied coldly, not even bothering to look up at me. I lifted my head, and threw the stuffed bear on my shelf at her. "Hey! Why'd you do that?"

"Because your non-caring attitude is killing me..." I responded straight out and looked her in the eyes.

I couldn't blame her all that much for her tone, as I knew what happened. Ever since the 'Zayn incident', Sky had a 'I don't give a crap about life anymore' attitude. She refused to fall in love with basically any guy that asked her out, and she literally never smiled or acted as playfully as she used to...One guy changed that much about her..and it truly killed me inside. But, she had to move on right? I mean, as much as I hated to admit it...I already kind of have.

Before the boys left to continue their World Tour, Niall and I had promised to Skype, call, do anything and everything possible to keep our relationship strong. However, between me studying for exams and his interview/concert schedules...that communication line cut off well at the begining of last week. It was literally impossible to keep a relationship going anymore, and yet we never broke up, or tried to look for someone new. Our relationship was now...just as complicated as my previous one with Harry. Why did this always happen to me?

Despite the 'we never broke up' thing with Niall, I have to be honest and say that its not like I never tried. To be honest...there were a couple of times that I tried to suggest breaking up, to him since things were getting a little matted and were 'drifting into murky water'. However every single time I was about to suggest it, something would happen.

The first time I was going to text him and suggest it, my phone completely died out of battery. When I went to look for the charger, I couldn't find it anywhere. The second time, I was going to Skype him...but Darcy jumped on my desk and spilt my latte all over the keyboard...making my laptop literally break into sparks and smoke. The third time, I was walking in the school corridors and I was going to call him. Just as my phone call got through and he picked up, the connection got poor. Three bars went to none and he couldn't hear a thing I was saying. That never happened before! The connection in our school was usually as clear as day!

I never wanted to believe in fate...but if all that didn't mean anything to me - I had to be a nitwit. So after all those failed attempts, I just gave up. I didn't try to call a break-up anymore. If he called it...let it be, I guess. Who was I to deny that our relationship wasn't working?

Since Sky didn't reply to my previous statement about her cold attitude, I decided to just drop the topic. I guess a guy really could impact your life so greatly. 

I grabbed my cellphone from my bedside table and scrolled through the topics of some of my newest texts:

-Julie please send 'Mitosis Research' for Science Project


-30% off all Bluenotes clothes this Fall!!

-Please call me back


            Ok. So science project - done.

            Party? I don't even know the person...

            Coupon? Keep!

            Please call me back...

            The last one? I think the person was drunk.

I opened the 'call back' text. It was probably Genevive, one of my friends at school venting to me about her life. As if I didn't have enough drama to deal with already...

Without looking at the number, I pressed it and sat back waiting to hear the familiar high pitched voice on the other end. When it did pick up, I was utterly confused. I hadn't heard this voice in so long...and I thought I never would again.


 A/N- Hey everyone! Sorry for not being able to update this movella for so long :$ School was the major reason -.-''. But anyways...I'm back! And this weekend I will try to publish more chapters! :) <3

P.S- If I published a Louis Tomlinson fanfic, would you read it? Basically I started one, and I really like it...but I'm not sure if I should post it up. What do you think? Please comment below if you would read it! Thank youu so much! :)


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