Music is my Life - (Sequel to 'Face the Music')

Julie had quite the eventful summer ever since she became friends with the five famous boys of One Direction. But with September around the corner again, Year 12 of school starts for her; and the boys are all leaving her hometown of Toronto to continue their world tour.

With so many relationships that were bulit upon this one summer, if it leaves, then will everything fall apart with it?

Can Julie and Niall prove that their love is stronger than a typical 'summer love' even under the watchful eyes of a threat sender; and a certain Harry Styles?

They say love can overcome anything...but is that still true for celebrities?

**SEQUEL to Face the Music - read that first if already haven't for better understanding**


6. I've Missed This

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Harry's POV

I grabbed a pack of pasta and opened the packaging, dumping the spaghetti in the steaming bowl of hot water. As I waited for it to be ready, I started on my mum's receipe for alfredo sauce. I had to make this meal better than I had ever, before. Afterall, this wasn't just some ordinary dinner; I was trying to convince Julie to become my girlfriend agai-

"Hey Julia? I'm gonna go now. My mom's probably expecting me anyways."

I turned to see Sky walking through the foyer room and out the door without another word. What was her problem? 

Julia's POV

"You never told me why Sky is acting so weird, nowdays," Harry stated, tending to the food again. "She wasn't always this cold shouldered."

I sighed as I put down the magazine I was reading. "Not much to explain. She...went through a rough breakup?" I said it as a factual statement, but it came out more like a question. Shoot. That wasn't obvious at all...but I wasn't really lying. Sky did come out of a rather confusing relationship with Zayn. Mainly because of the kiss though; I still hadn't been able to make Zayn spill about why he would do that in front of the whole concert arena! Grr...honestly. Boys can be more difficult to figure out than the morse code!

"Uh huh. Sure. You're telling me the whole thing over dinner."

"But I-"

"That wasn't a question. It was a command." He sassed, looking me cheekily in the eye.

I rolled my eyes at him and waited until his attention was back on the spaghetti. When it was, I quietly got off the couch and tip-toed behind him, hoping to give him a mini scare...or tease?

"Since when did you get so sassy?" I whispered teasingly in his ear.

Harry jumped a little at the sudden closeness of my voice, but he rapidly formed his calm composure once more; pretending as if he never heard me.

"Are you spending so much time with Louis, that The Sass Master is rubbing off on you?" I joked.

Harry dropped the wooden spoon on the counter and swiveled to face me. "Why. You jealous?"

I stepped back with my hands on my hips. "Don't flatter yourself pretty boy. You gotta do a lot more to get me jealous."

"So first of all, you think I'm pretty?" He scrunched up his nose, in a cute manner if I do say so myself, "And you're also saying that you weren't the least bit bothered, when I was reportedly 'seen in the UK with my new girlfriend'?" Harry air quoted the line as he walked towards me slowly wriggling his eyebrows, supposedly in a seductive way.

"Please," I scoffed. I stepped backwards, turning an angle so that I was the one with the stove behind me now; and he was in my previous position. But he didn't stop like I expected, he just kept coming closer...and now I was cornered! "Stay back, Styles!" I warned; holding the wooden spoon he was using, in front of me like it was some defence mechanism. Hopefully it looked more threatening from his angle, than from mine.

"A spoon?" He asked unimpressively. "I know you haven't seen us in ages, but I'm not the one who's scared of spoons. That's the boy you got off the phone with, minutes ago."

"Oh so you want me to tell him you're here?" I pushed interrogatively.

"What? That doesn't have anything to do wi- No!"

I started making a breakaway to the sofa in the living room where my iPhone was, just to freak him out a bit.

"Julie, no! Please no! No!"

Wow. He was taking this seriously...

I was still laughing, with my back turned to him; when I felt something hit my head.

"A strawberry?" I asked increduously, picking up the red berry off of the floor. Harry merely shrugged innocently as I put down the phone.

"Thank you." He breathed, heading back to the kitchen to finish the meal.

He actually thought that was the end? Oh poor, nieve, little boy. No one throws food at me and gets away with it. :P

I strolled over to the glass bowl on the wooden table, and picked up a strawberry, whipping it quite forcefully at his back.

"Hey!" He shrieked, diverting his attention to me. "This blazer is dry clean only!"

"Oops. Sorry." I chuckled.

"Oh don't you play innocent with me! Its on now!" Harry turned the stove off to avoid the burning of his 'masterpiece' as he called it, and carefully placed lids on the boiling pots.

"Are you done yet 'mom'?"

"Safety first!" He mocked.

I shook my head in a disapproving manner with a smile on my lips. "Nevermind, you've been spending the most time with Daddy Direction himself."

Harry ran across the kitchen to the table with that comment, and started attacking me with basically every single fruit avaliable in the bowl. So that meant bananas, apples, pears, oranges...thank goodness we didn't buy any watermelon!

By the time the floor looked like a fruit market, I was out of breath from fit fulls of laughter.

"Ok, enough." I said between giggles, "We have to clean up."

" you mean I win?" Harry asked with a grin plastered on his face.

"In your dreams!" I retorted, picking up the pile of fruit off the floor and throwing it at him all at once.

"Then we are clearly not done here." He was about to tackle me playfully when I threw the nearest fruit to me, at his head...which just so happened to be an apple.

"HEY! Fair play! No trying to knock out the competition!" He shouted as he strangled me in his arms; lifting me off the floor.

"Put me down!" I screamed kicking my legs around. Within seconds, I was back on the floor much to my approval. Good. He gave up.

Suddenly, I felt hot breath tickle my ear. "Love? You know what goes amazingly with strawberries?"  

"Umm...wh- oh. Oh, no. No. N-"

Before I could even finish protesting, Harry squirted the cold whipped cream from the fridge all over my tank top.

"Hazz! That's COLD!" I screeched trying to knock the can out of his hands. When he finally stopped, I was a complete, and literal mess. There was whipped cream on my top, bottoms, hair, arms, face - everywhere! Meanwhile, Harry was completely clean - there was something wrong with this picture...

"Oh Harry?" I sing-songed, "You know I really haven't seen you in so long. Can I...have a hug?"

His triumphant smirk was immediately wiped from his face. Did he seriously not see this coming?

"N-No Julie, no!"

I wrapped myself around him, making sure he was no longer the clean 'winner'. However, the tables in victory turned once again, when another 'event' occured. This time I asked myself why I didn't see this coming... 

Just as my arms were latched onto Harry's shoulders, he accidently stumbled backwards slipping in a puddle of melted cream. As he fell on his back, I was pulled down, painfully to be frank, on top of him.

Now why did this seem familiar? Oh ya! Think back to summer, when I fell on top of Niall...twice! Well the second time, he fell on me...but close enough.

I was still stuck in my own thoughts when Harry poked my stomach. His eyes clearly elsewhere...

"Love your bum, where ya from?"

"Waterloo, wanna screw?" I played along as I started to get off him, but he quickly pulled me back.

"I was willing to take that offer." He stated rather earnestly, making me blush a bit.

"It was a joke Hazz!" I groaned, "I'm from Toronto, so if anything, I should have said 'Toronto, so LET ME GO!' Besides, we need to clean this place u-"

Before I could finish my sentence, I was interrupted by Harry's soft lips on mine. His hands travelled to my waist and back, rubbing soothing circles into my skin. Being my stupid self, I gave into the moment and I actually found myself moving my lips against his, in sync. I felt a content smirk grow on his lips as his eyes fluttered open slightly- wait. This was wrong. Firstly, we were moving way to fast, considering he stepped into my house like ten minutes ago. Secondly and more importantly, I still had a boyfriend.

Gah...what was wrong with me! I pulled away and heard Harry sulk a little.

"Harry, this is-"

"You know what? I'm gonna pretend like I never saw this. Clean it up."

Once again in sync, Harry and I turned to the sound of a new voice.

"I-I can explai-" He started, but she cut him off.

"Clean it up." She repeated in a musical tone as she walked away, with her grocery bags in hand.

"Well that was awkward." I commented getting off of the boy, who still seemed a little in shock...since he wasn't blinking.

"I don't mind. Your kiss was worth it." Oh nevermind, he's fine...

"Worth a bad impression? You know that, that was my mom Harry!"


I smirked at his expression of partial defeat. I held out a hand to help him up; as he attempted to get cream stains off his top and pants.

"Curly, your beloved blazer is definitely going to need more than just dry cleaning this time."




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