Love the way you lie

Love the way you lie**INTRO** It all started the night my parents we murdered. It wasn't a gun to the head, it was a knife to the heart, and I have been on the run sense then. My name is Valerie. I was only 14 years old. Now I'm 18. For 4 years I has been living in abandon shops and dark ales. I'm scared for the day that he will find me. The man who killed them. His name is Paul Williams. Till one day he did find me. Exempted to murder me, but I lived. I thought for sure I was gone, that I was going to see my parents again, but no. I got lucky tough. A boy found me. Big brown curls and a smile I could remember my whole life covered my vision. I got close to Harry, but all I did was lie to him. I didn't want him to know the truth. I also got close to his friend Louis till I loved them both. Which one will I chose? Then when everything seamed to be going well Paul found me, he killed my parents, will he kill me to, or someone close to me.


1. Could this be?


I felt the sharp rain drops hit my face as I tapped my foot gracefully to the wind. "Why me?" I thought to myself. I don't want to live another minute of my life like this. I want a family, or someone who would care about me. I could hear a feet clicking against water down the ale way. "Hello? Sorry to bother you, but where is the nearest.." I almost finished. I felt a chill run down my spine. Could this be? "Is it you? The one?" I asked. "You have a lot of guts to talk to your parents killer." This was it. It was my time. "I just want to be with my parents. That's all." "You don't know what your getting into!" He chuckled. He got closer and closer the gripping onto my arm. I sawing around falling onto the ground. I didn't struggle to get away from him. He quickly picked up the brick and swung it across my face, and like that everything went black. I new it was time. I was going to die.**Waking up** Slowly opened my eyes to white room. I can't believe this. I lived though something that would seam as a dream. My body ached of pain. Where was I? Someone had helped me though all of this, but who? I slowly rambled out of bed down the hall way. "Hello? Anybody here?" It was a really nice house. Only a billionaire would live here. "Yeah yeah I gotta go bye!" I heard someone saying on the phone coming for the front door. I ran back and jumped in bed as I never woke up. I could hear foot steps coming closer closer. I peeped one eye open. It was a boy, with curly brown hair, and soft green eyes. He looked filmier, but I don't know where from. He was gorgeous too. I lost control of my body and fell off the bed making a loud sound. "Oh are you ok?"He said rushing tourd me. His face, his cloths, is it who I think?   **Valerie's perspective** His green picture perfect green eyes twinkled into mine. "Yeah where am I?" I softy said. "My friends and I's house. You should just rest for now though." I'm to afraid to ask him if he's Harry Styles because everyone says that stuff. He carefully pulled me up and gently put me on the bed. The touch of his skin, the smell of his cologne, and the fell if his hair slightly touching my skin made tingle.**Harrys perspective** "I'll be back, you get rest!" I said. I could feel my body shaking a bit. Shes such a beautiful girl. Millions of things went off in my head. What will the boys say? "Harry? Are you here?" Oh No Louis! "Yehah yeah I'm here! Listen I gotta go for awhile and ill be back soon!" I said running around the conner. He sat down his glasses on the coffee table and his Starbucks quickly. "Ok.**Louis's perspective** I sat down strolling down twitter looking at tweets when I heard something. "Hello anybody there?" I felt a cold chill run down my spine. Who could be in our house and it was a girl. I strangely walked down looking in every room till I found the noise.   **Valerie's perspective** I shot up like a bullet. A different voice was heading toured the door. "Hello? Who's there?" I sat there in still silence till I saw two shoes come closer to the door. A boy with perfect styled brown hair came through the door. "What the heck are you doing here? GET OUT!" He screamed. I sat there silence. "Who are you?" He said starring at me awkwardly. "My name is Valerie." I whispered as I moved the hair out of my face. He shifted his body over to me, and then lifting his arm toured my forehead. He lightly moved his finger over my deep cut on my head. "What happened." "Someone tried to murder me." I said. I hope I didn't shock him because I kinda just came out of the blue with it. "Uh I'm confused just stay here..please." He stuttered.**louis's perspective** I reached out for the phone and started dialing Harry's number. I new Harry brought her here. "Yes Louis?" He said. "Why is there a girl in our house?" The line went silent. "Well I found her on a curb, but she honestly looked dead." It took time to process. "What do you mean Harold? This is just way to much." I yelled. "I'll be home soon just hold on." He said. I slammed the phone down then running back toured the girl. "I'm sorry we will figure this all out soon." I said.   **Valerie's perspective** They looked at each other, and then at me several times. They acted like I was a lost puppy, but I'm kinda am. I won't tell them the truth no matter what because of the headlines will be all up for this story, and I don't want to be used by the biggest pop stars in the world because of publicity. "Exactly what happened?" Harry asked. "It was a bike accident." I lied. "That's not what you told me." Louis yelled. "It was probably anesthesia talking." Harry whispered. "You know what your welcome to just stay a couple of days." They told me. "Thanks, but are you sure because you know.....your one direction?" They looked at each other and agreed that it was fine for me to stay for awhile.**Two days later** I flipped threw the channels trying to find the right one. It felt great to be in a house and not in a gloomy old shack. "Hey!" Harry said sitting next to me. "Hi." I said nervously. "Are you feeling better?" "Much better. Thanks for everything." I said. We pretty much sat there in silence. "I know you have been just sitting here for two days, so we could go out and get a milkshake or something." "I'd love to, but I don't have anything to wear." I said. "No problem. You can wear Louis's girlfriend Eleanor's cloths. I'm sure she won't mind." He chuckled.   **Valerie's perspective** I slipped on the black fur coat and comfortable boots. Eleanor really dose have a great sense of style. "You look amazing!" Harry said surprising me. "Oh thanks. You do to .I mean you always do. I mean....never mind." I stuttered. "Thanks. Just a minuet, and we'll go." "Ok." I said. After Harry left something strange happened. "Hey El how was your day?" Louis said hugging my waist. I quickly turned around surprised he thought I was Eleanor. "Oh I'm so sorry Valerie. I thought you were Eleanor." He stuttered. The way his gray blue shined made me tingle. "It's fine." I said. "Oh hey Louis!" Harry said walking in. "You guys going out somewhere?" Louis asked. "Yeah we'll be back soon. Ready to go Valerie?" Harry said. "Ready!" I laughed. Louis looked weird. Awkward or jealous in a way, but I just couldn't figure it out.
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