Kirsten and her family have been through a lot throughout the pass year,this is the story of her life.She relized that life is harder then it seems.


1. Last Goodbye

I let the tears stream freely down my face as I walk up to my Grandpa Gary's casket.I held my sisters hand tightly as we inched closer.In a way I didn't want to see him,but I wanted to see him for the last time.We came to the side of the casket and paused for a quick second examining every last detail.Then let the tears stream down my face harder then i already was.I let out a loud sigh and turned around.I felt dizzy,and couldn't control myself from crying.What I wanted to do was get on the floor and curl into a ball screaming and crying.I had to stay a bit resentable.We took our seats and listened to the guy speak churchy stuff.I didn't really listen I was just to busy crying.It was a really tragic way to die that's why I couldn't control my crying.I had felt a warm hand on the top of my hand.
"Are you okay?" The curly haired boy ask me.
I turned to him,looking into his gorgeous green eyes.
"Yeah,Thank you." I whispered back.
"No problem love." He said turning back to the priest.

"I would like to give Gary's family time to say there last goodbyes. Please exit out that door,put up your yellow tags in the window.Thank you"

My family stood up,and walked up to the casket all holding each others hand.Sobbing.Our eyes were bloodshot.
My dad was feeling a bit light headed,he sat down and covered his face with his hands while crying silently.I sat next to him and hugged him tightly.
"You have a beautiful family,when ever you are ready you can come out and we will put Gary into the car.Im so sorry about your loss."
"Thank you." I said still hugging my dad.I got up walking closer to the casket.I touched my grandpa's hand and gave him a kiss on the cheek,he was really cold.I lifted my little sister up to kiss his cheek goodbye.She started crying.I got on my knees and looked her in her watery blue eyes. Trying not to loose it again.
"Everything is going to be okay Amber." I said grabbing her hand and inching our way to the door.I looked back one more time seeing my other sister,mom,and dad giving there last goodbye.I let a tear stream down my face.Then walked out hand in hand with my 10 year old sister.I walked over to my blue punchbuggy.I told Amber to put on her seat belt.Then slipped the yellow funeral paper unto the mirror that hung close to my head.I watched the my parents and my sister Brook walk out to my parents car.They jumped into the car.A started crying when I seen the people carrying my grandpa out of the church into the back of the black car.Amber reached for my hand then held it tight.We were the first people to pull out since we are his family.We followed the black car. Excourted by the police.It started to downpour.We were pulling into the cemetery pulling close to each other.Then carried him over the to the grave and placed him the rope type things that would lower him into the ground later on.They placed a thing of flowers on the top of the casket and put a cross by the top of the casket which was in sand.Just then everyone started getting out of their cars.We were about the only people who didn't have umbrellas.They set chairs right by the casket reserved for family only.There wasn't enough seats for me,so I stood behind the chairs.They started saying prayers.The rain felt colder then ice on my shoulders and arms.The curly haired boy came from behind me with a umbrella blocking the rain from falling on me.I shivered the coldness from the rain.I looked back him and smiled at him.
They finished the prayers and handed the family a flower from the casket as a way to remember him in a way.I guess.I put my hand on my dads should who turned around giving me a fake smile then turning around crying.It was over.We all started walking to our cars.I felt a hand grab my wrist pulling me back.
I'm sorry..I've never caught your name." The curly haired boy said while looking me in the eyes.
"Kirsten." I said while smiling at him.
"I'm Harry,I'm really sorry about Gary,he was such a nice guy.My mom was close friends with him." He said while grabbing my wrist trying comfort me.
"Thank you Harry.Ive gotta go,my sisters waiting in the car for me.Nice meeting you.Bye." I said while waving goodbye.

"Nice meeting you to Kirsten. Bye" he said while pulling my into a hug.Which surprised me a bit. I smiled at him and turned back to head to my car.Amber waited in the back seat of my car. I opened the door and slide into the passenger seat.
"Who's that your boyfriend?" Amber asked giving me a evil smirk.
"No I don't even know him Amber" I said looking at her through the mirror.
"Ummhhh" she said laughing

I had to admit he was cute.Hes gorgeous green eyes,his curly brown hair,his dimples.Total package.

I reached into my pocket getting out my phone to call my mom informing her me and amber are going to McDonalds.
"Mom,we are going to go to McDonalds." I said speaking into the phone.

"Okay,well I've gotta go..I'm sorry Hun.I love you bye." Then she ended the call.
I pulled out a piece of paper that had a number written on it.That followed saying Harry's number.
I smiled at the paper and put it back into my pocket.Starting the car,heading towards McDonalds.
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