Kirsten and her family have been through a lot throughout the pass year,this is the story of her life.She relized that life is harder then it seems.


2. Bad Surprises

I pulled into the McDonalds parking lot unbuckling my seatbelt.Amber and I slide out of the car then looked both ways before crossing."Kirsten I want a happy meal!" Amber said pulling the door open."Alrighty." I said in a low tone.As we came to the counter the lady in the McDonalds asked us what we wanted. "A happy meal,with a coke.And A cheeseburger with a small fry along with a coke." I said with a fake smile. "Okay here's your drinks and number.Ill call your number when your foods done." The lady said while handing us the drinks. We walked over to the soda fountains and got our drinks.We grabbed napkins,salt,pepper,and straws then took them to our table. We sat down waiting for our food. " Kirsten,was that guy really your boyfriend?" She asked with a smirk on her face.
"No,I don't even know the kid."I said while playing with the salt packets.
"Do you like him?" She asked looking back at the counter.
"No he's alright I guess." I said throwing the salt packet on the table.
"Oh okay." She said looking at her hands.
"Number 81!" I stood up and walked towards the counter grabbing our tray. I placed the tray on the table then handed Amber her food.She started shoveling food into her mouth.
"Slow down Amber!" I said giggling a bit.
She blushed a bit,then smiled with a mouth full of food.
"Eww!" I said laughing even harder.
Then my phone went off.
"Hello Kirsten?" The person on the other end said.
"Yep that's me what's the problem."
I said looking at Amber who was still shoving food into her mouth.
"Well Your family is at the hospital,they had gotten to a car crash.Please be he-" I dropped my food and grabbed Ambers wrist leaving all the food sit.I stormed out of McDonalds nearly falling over my own feet.I jumped into the car and drove the direction of the hospital with Amber on the back seat looking confused then ever.
"What's going on?" She asked while leaning her body to the front of the car.
" and dad got into a car crash." I said tearing up.
She stayed the silent the rest of the ride.
I held grabbed Ambers wrist and started pulling her inside.
I walked up to a lady sitting at the front desk.
"Can we go see Brian,Steph,and Brook Bynaker please?" I asked her trying to be as calm as possible.
"No,they can't see anyone right now." She snapped
"WHY!?" I said starting to cry.
I looked down at Amber who was crying,she didn't know what was going on,but she knew something was wrong.
I couldn't deal with anything anymore to much stress in my life.I still had to go to my uncle bens funeral in two days which isn't going to be good I can already see it.
"Please leave no reason of being here!" The lady at the desk snapped at me.
"Yes I do! My family has gotten into a car crash!"
"Don't matter what happened to them. Now get out now!" She said pointing to the door.
"What kind of person are you?"I asked putting on hand on Ambers shoulder. Then started towards the door.Amber and me both went home after she asked about what had happened. We sat on the couch worrying about our family.When I got a phone call.
The ringer on my phone was quite scared me a bit.

"Hello,who is this?" I asked
"Hey love it's me Harry ."
"Oh hey!"
"Can we hang out today?" He asked
"Umm..sure I live on 81 burgled street." I stated
"Okay see you in less than 15 minutes." Then I heard a click.
"The boy from the funeral is coming over for a bit.Do you want to go to Brittany's house?" I asked turning to her.
"Sure ill walk to her house since its right next door." She said putting on her shoes and walking towards the door.
"Bye Kirsten!"
"Byee call me if you need anything!" I stated as she hurried out the door.
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