True Love???????????

This for my friend Brianna I owed her a favour for helping me with my science cue cards so yeah thanks Brianna!!!!!!'
Ok so Brianna is on vacation in Hawaii with her dad Simon when he gets a call from the boys....................


1. Vacation

Brianna's POV
So me and my dad were on vacation in Hawaii when his phone started to ring "hello oh hi boys what ok I am coming back!" He yelled in to the phone "um Brianna we have to go back home like now Paul just fell down the stairs and they need someone to look after them you know irresponsible they are I wish they were for like you Bri so sweet and innocent ok so now I praised you can you look after the boys plzz! I am begging you I need a break from them." " ok as long as I get my new iPad like you promised 15 days ago and never got and if you said we have to go so let's go now.
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