True Love???????????

This for my friend Brianna I owed her a favour for helping me with my science cue cards so yeah thanks Brianna!!!!!!'
Ok so Brianna is on vacation in Hawaii with her dad Simon when he gets a call from the boys....................


3. Pillow fight!!!!!

Harry's POV

Brianna was still slepping but all the boys were up I could here them downstairs so I went to go get Brianna up "Brianna get up we have to go get your friends" I whispered in her here ear well softly shaking her softly.

Brianna's POV

I heard someone come into my room so I just styed still and pretended I was still slepping. Then I felt someone shake my shoulder telling me to get up cause we had to go pick up the girls! Dam i totally forgot about that wait but who was in my room! That voice it belonged to Harry wait why was Harry in my room and why are their flashes of light oh god Harry was taking pictures of me sleeping what the hell that boy is such a perv considering I'm only wearing short shorts and a tank top thank god I was wearing my bra! I decided to open my eyes at that point I threw a pillow at him well I was getting up Harry threw it back at me yet he was still taking pictures of me I picked one of my biggest pillows and started to hit Harry with it he just laughed and got one of the other pillows instead and started a massive pillow fight there were feathers every wear but Harry thought it would be cute and started to take pictures of me again. As soon as the feathers settled I checked my phone to see what time it was fudge it was ten to nine we are going to be late "Harry we have to go soon I have to get so get out!!" I said we'll he started to get up slowly and leave "oh yeah and tell the boys to get ready or wait in the car for me." I quickly took a shower and got dressed in my demi jean shorts and my crop top. Great it's quarter past 9:30 we are so late I hope they are ok or
at least their flight got delayed hopefully.

Clare's POV

Where on earth could Brianna be that girl is always running late even at school she was always late all though I can't blame her she basically stalks her self she is all ways looking at herself in the mirror. "Hey guys I'm getting a text from Bri Bri it says hey sorry got up late and bringing 5 guys that u all find appealing see u at the air port in about 5 sorry ttyl" I knew that girl is always late wait 5 guys that we find appealing no no way it can't be one direction hoe my god "um guys she is bringing one direction and we are living with them for the summer!!"
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