True Love???????????

This for my friend Brianna I owed her a favour for helping me with my science cue cards so yeah thanks Brianna!!!!!!'
Ok so Brianna is on vacation in Hawaii with her dad Simon when he gets a call from the boys....................


2. Alone with the boys for the summer

Brianna's POV

When we were on the plane I asked my dad "why do I have to babysit and I don't even know them?" "because you are more responsible and no one else will do it be ause all the applications I got last week are from total fans and Harry asked I think he fancys you a lIttle." "fine and how does Harry know me I've never even met him or seen him does he stalk me of something?" "he knows you because I always talk about you and how god of a singer you are and I have shown the boys pictures I also told them that there aloud to ask you out but I will kill them if they break your heart any of them I don't care which one!" "you told them what but you know I hate relationships they just get so dam annoying because there so overprotective and the paps will be sworming me like they did when they found out I was you daughter and if I babysit can I atleast invite Sam, Beatrix(Bea, Clare and Kaylin please I don't want to be alone with them the hole summer." "fine but we are going to land soon so get ready to run!"

*At the boys house*

When we got to the boys house I immediately texted the girls. "hi I'm Harry and this is Louis Liam Niall and Zayn! And what might your name be love?" voice beside me said oh look it was Harry awesome get the sarcasm "I'm Brianna and I am not going to be staying here with you boys alone for the hole summer!" issue well checking my phone from the 4 text I received they all said they were coming "YES!" I screamed in my head "Ok boys my four best friends are coming over from Vancouver so don't hit on them or try anything with them I don't need to deal with drama this summer but if they do like you them and they like you you may ask them just don't break their hearts." "Ok" the boys said in unison. "Um..when are we poking the up?" Louis asked. "Tomorrow at 10:00am and I need one of you to drive or I need to borrow one of your guys cars or you can all come. Goodnight boys see you in the morning! And I need an answer before we leave tomorrow!"
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