Going for the Gold

Carson is a 17 year old that has only been surrounded by gymnastics. With the Olympics coming up, she is pressured into perfecting each routine for trials. One day, when her mom couldn't pick her up, she was forced into taking the subway. In the one cart she decided to sit in, she met someone that would change her life forever. Will Carson go to the Olympics and get the gold she has been practicing years for with that special someone by her side?


1. Where it All Begins


"Come on Carson" I thought, "Push yourself"

I sprinted down the lane from the mat and jumped up on the vault. I pushed myself upward as hard as I could and my body automatically stiffened up. I did a back hand-spring and two twists and my blind landing, sticking it perfectly.

"Your legs weren't together. Do it again"

My smiled faded as my coach demanded another vault.

"I honestly don't think I can. My arms hurt"

He put his hand on his hip, a sign he was about to preach to me.

"Olympic trials are in a week. You will do the vault again and perfect it. This is your dream Carson. Give me one more vault, the best one of the night and I'll let you leave early"

I sighed and walked back to the starting position. I looked down at my thighs, which were covered in chalk from the bars. I stretched my arms up height over my head and cleared all thoughts. I took a skip and began running full speed at the vault. I did the same exact thing as the first time, but making sure my legs stayed glued together. Once again I stuck the landing and my coach applauded me.

"If you do that at Trials you're in"

I began ripping the sports wraps off my foot and wrists and he continued talking,

"Make sure you're getting your sleep. Eat right. I have high hopes for you kid."

"Thank you" I said breathless, still from all the energy it took to perfect my vault.

"Are you sure you want this?" He asked his face serious.

"Are you kidding me? I've trained none stop this whole year. I left public school for this. Yes!" I said getting fired up. This was my dream.

"Okay okay, I was just checking'. The reason I asked is that your leo came in today. I wasn't going to give it to you if you weren't sure. It's in my office. If you want it-"

I jumped up and ran to his office cutting him off mid-sentence. The package was sitting on his keyboard. I grabbed it and ran back to him. The other girls in the gym figured out what was going on and gathered around me. The white package looked perfect sitting before me. I couldn't resist it anymore. I didn't know what it looked like, Phil keeping it a secret. I ripped it open and there it was.  It was a beautiful crimson red with white swirls across the chest. Little red jewels lined the arms and around the neck.

"Oh my gosh" I said with my eyes being threatened by tears. This made things seem more real. Like my dreams were so much closer to coming true. I got up and gave Phil a hug which I didn't so unless we were at a meet.

"Alright girls back to work!" he yelled at the ones who gathered around.

They scattered back to what they were doing before. Phil put his hand on my shoulder, shaking me a little.

"Take it home and show your Mom. Tomorrow be here bright and early, floor and beam" he said and walked away to begin helping a girl on the bars. I went to my locker and put my warm up pants on and grabbed my phone and bag. I was going to text my mom to pick me up but she already left me a message.

"I can't pick you up work ran late. Sorry. Take the subway and began dinner. It shouldn't be long before I'm home"

I sighed and walked out of the gym towards the subway. I didn't wear a shirt to practice; I never did, so I had to walk down the streets of New York in a leo. At least I had pants on.

I kept my phone in my hand and got out a few dollars for a subway ticket. It was four o'clock so the subway was empty because it was such an awkward time. I gave the guy my money and he handed me the ticket. I waited on a bench for my cart to come. I watched people walk by and the homeless people beg for money. After 15 minutes my cart finally came. I was the only one to get up. I stepped in but only one person was in there. His head was down and he had those stupid Beat headphones on. I sat a few seats away from him and play Bejewled on my phone. The ride was at least fifteen minutes. My phone battery warning popped on and I quickly stopped playing on it. I listened to the car slid along the rails for a while. I looked down at my lap again at the white bag. I pulled the leo out once more and admired it.

I had done gymnastics for 7 years. I took a real interest 2 years ago. I'm 17 now, which is the perfect age for the Olympics which just happened to be at the perfect time.

I ran my fingers down the jewels on the arms.

"Gymnastics eh?"

I looked up to see the boy looking at me.

"Uh yes" I say stuff the suit back into the bag.

I look down at me in a leo, my hair pulled back in a messy bun, and my hands covered in chalk. I look awful.

"I've always loved watching gymnastics. Do you do it competitive?"

"I'm trying out for the Olympics actually."

He puffed his lips up and let out a breath, like he was almost shocked.

"Do you mind if I see it again?" he asked pointing at the white bag.

I got up and sat down beside him. He pulled his headphones to down around his neck. I handed him the Leo and he grabbed it and admired it as well. I watched his eyes hover over the white designs. He was an attractive boy, he defiantly was.

He handed it back and said, "Olympics are at home this year. If I can get tickets I'll watch you."

I looked down at my lap and laughed. I could feel myself blushing.

"That's if I get in!" I reminded him.

"Nah you'll have no problem getting in." He smiled, "But I need your name, Ya know, that way I know who to look for."

"Carson" I say sticking out my hand.

He grabs it, "Niall but you probably knew that"

I scrunched my face up confused, "I'm...sorry?"

He began laughing, "Do you really not know who I am?"

I felt my heart race up. Why should I know who Niall is?

"No....is this a joke?" I asked.

"I'm Niall...From One Direction?"

"One Direction..."

He began laughing again, "The boy band from the UK"

I hadn't been up to date with anything this past year. Gymnastics was my life now.

"Sorry, I'm been so busy I guess I'm behind in everything" I laughed trying to ease the awkwardness.

I heard the cart beginning to screech and stop.

"Well this is my stop, it was nice meeting you Niall" I said getting up.

"Hey, this is my stop too! You live in Brooklyn?"

"I do...Do you too?"

"Yeah, the boys and I have a place there where we stay when we come here."

We got out of the subway and walked up the stairs finally above ground again.

"So Carson," he began as we walked down the street beside each other, "Would it be too much to ask you if you wanted to hang out sometime?"

I bit my lip to keep me from smiling. Did he really just ask me that? I mean, I didn't know he was famous but now that I do...

"No. It's just that I have gymnastics every day. I would have to be later in the day" I said smiling at him.

"That's fine with me." He said.

I gave him my number as we continued to walk to the street together.

"Gah I feel stupid walking around in this" I said looking down at my odd outfit.

Niall stopped in the middle of the side walk. People said things at us when they almost ran into us.

"Here" He said pulling out a brand new shirt from a bag

"Oh no I couldn't-"

"Take it Carson! Please!"

I took the shirt and put it on.

"Now we have a reason to hang out. So I can get my shirt back" he winked at me.

I got that familiar flushed feeling in my face. I had to turn now, but I didn't want to leave Niall. If I could I would just keep walking but I was expected to start dinner.

"Well, this is my turn." I say stopping.

"Okay.." He said disappointed, "It was nice seeing you Carson. I'll text you soon." And he kissed my cheek and walked off.

A few teenage girl "Aww'd" at me. I wonder if they knew who Niall was. No, I was probably the only girl on the face of the earth who didn’t.

I finished walking home and got my key out. I unlocked the door and changed out of my Leo and folded Niall’s shirt up nicely and placed it on my dresser. I heard my phone go off downstairs and I ran to get it. It was an unknown number,

"Did I mention that you are beautiful?"

It had to be Niall.

"Shush" I sent back.

My mom sent me a text right after mine when through that said, "Get the Potatoes started" and I did what she asked. 

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